Beautifully Organised: How to pack a suitcase easily

Friday, September 28, 2012

How to pack a suitcase easily

Welcome to this week's Easy Way video!

I went to Sydney this week for an overnight trip to attend IKEA's launch of their new outdoor range (gorgeous stuff -I'll be featuring it shortly on the blog!).

Before I left I asked on Facebook if you'd like to see how I pack my suitcase and the response was YES!

So here it is! Check out the video below to see how I pack my suitcase:

Here's a quick list of what I packed for my overnight trip & where I put it:


Outside zippered compartment:
  • small handbag for the event
Inside zippered compartment on lid:
  • heels (wrapped in a plastic rubbish bag)
Inside main compartment:
  • Toiletries bag (I get travel size toiletries from Big W and pack sample size make up from my Lust Have It subscription)
  • Large White Packing Cube has my clothes:
    • dress for the evening event, jeans, tank, shirt, cardigan for the next day - I layer so I only have to pack one outfit option, and I can just add & remove layers depending on the weather. I also pack a spare shirt & scarf in a different colour as a back up
  • Medium White Packing Cube has my scarves - I had 1 for the event, 1 for the next day & 1 spare as a back up
  • Small White Packing Cube has underwear - no info on those sorry! A girl has to have her secrets ;)
  • Grey Packing Cell has sleepwear - I pack winter and summer pjs just in case
  • Ghd straightener is packed in it's own heat resistant carry case (including clips)
  • Laptop in Typo padded case
  • Laptop cords strapped into the Grid-It
  • The usual stuff I take in my Borne Naked Liner - check out that video here
  • Small umbrella with cover
  • iPad in a travel folder with pen & paper
  • Belkin view lounge iPad stand - I use it as a tripod to film videos / read ebooks on my iPad or iPhone. Check out this post here for more info
  • Water bottle & snacks for the trip usually crackers so I don't spill anything ;)
What I wear on travel day
  • I layer my clothes so I can add & remove layers depending on the weather
  • I wear comfy flats that will also go with my other outfit - that way I only have to pack heels. BUT next time I'll take thongs as well, I got terrible blisters this time because I hadn't worn the flats in a while!
Find the white packing cubes at Ciao Bella Travel:
Find the the Sea to Summit packing cell range at Howards:
Find the grid it cocoon at Howards:

Link to the Christmas Planner offer for Oct 1, 2012 (look for the orange box in the sidebar):

Don't forget to share YOUR tips! How do you pack your suitcase?



FTC - The grey packing cube and grid-it cocoon were provided by Howards Storage World, the ghd straightener was a Christmas gift from my husband, and everything else was purchased by me. This video is not sponsored :)


  1. I'll have to come back and watch this another time. (The sound is dodgy on my computer). I usually end up having to sit on mine to get it shut :?

  2. Funny video blog, in my opinion, everyone who had packed a suitcase, at least once sat on it to get shut. This is part of the ritual before the adventure, is not it? And this is definitely nothing compared to the move! Oh, if you decide that you'll be sure for moving,
    better call your friends for help and hire movers Otherwise, a huge number of boxes will make you crazy)