Beautifully Organised: Simple Christmas Planning

Friday, November 25, 2016

Simple Christmas Planning

If you've been feeling stressed, thinking you are way behind in your Christmas planning and prep this year, don't worry about it. It's already been a HUGE year for us and I haven't started either :)

Instead, I'm keeping my Christmas prep simple this year, doing it all in December with simple steps, one after the other.

I'll be using the same Christmas planner I use every year, but this year I've modified it so on the December calendar page, I have simple prompts to get everything ready in time (without the overwhelm) and I have a few fun little Christmas things included too - like seeing Christmas lights, baking, watching a movie with the family.. that kind of thing :)

Simple Christmas Planner

All I need to do is check the calendar daily and follow the simple prompts, then everything will be taken care of easily!

Here's a video walking you through how it will work this year.. feel free to grab a pen and paper and jot down the prompts for your own Christmas planning, or grab a copy of the planner to print at home for $7 (it's on sale - normally $15, until Dec 1):

Grab your own copy and follow along with me to get ready for a simple Christmas this year:

 photo msigtrans.png


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