Beautifully Organised: 5 ways to make Christmas Easy and Stress Free

Friday, September 30, 2011

5 ways to make Christmas Easy and Stress Free

Have you noticed the shops have started to bring out their Christmas stock this week?

What?!? It's way to early to be thinking about Christmas...... or is it?

Think about it: as of today, you have 86 days to Christmas. That's about 12 weeks. So for example, if you work full time and get 2 days off each week, then you only have 24 available days left to get ready for Christmas.

24 days to do your Christmas shopping, wrap presents, write and send cards, get the house ready for visitors, order your Ham, and try to attend every social commitment you make between now and Dec 25 (and I usually find weekends in November and December get full pretty quickly).

Suddenly it doesn't seem so crazy to start thinking about it now! So to make it a bit easier for you I have 5 ideas on how to make your Christmas simple and stress free:
  1. Keep track of the date: Time really will fly if you let it, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the Christmas countdown regularly. I've added a Christmas counter to this site (look to the right) so you don't have to count the days manually.
  2. Have a great resource for gift ideas: I love this one from Stay at home Mum - 100 gifts under $10
  3. Use a Christmas Planner: I'm using one I made myself this year - it has calendars for Nov and Dec and each Sunday has a prompt written on it to remind me when to do all the important Christmas stuff I need to do like Christmas Cards, Gift List, and heaps more. All I have to do is spend 20 mins each Sunday on it and my Christmas is all organised - no last minute rushing around! It has simple check lists for each of the things listed on the calendar so everything I need is all in the one place. Plus it's really pretty so I'm more likely to use it regularly ;)  If you'd like one too you can buy it here (just scroll down) for $10 
  4. Have a simple budget: Don't make it too complicated, just keep track of the $ you have available and don't spend more than that. Here's a cute little printable from Kidspot
  5. Take shortcuts: Honestly, life's too busy to get weighed down with the little things. If you don't have time to make a Christmas cake / cookies / stocking, buy it. If you don't want to spend Christmas Day washing up, use disposable plates. Use the time you save to enjoy the holiday season!
So have a go at these ideas and start thinking about all the fun Christmas stuff you'll be doing with your loved ones this year! And fill me in on how your Christmas Planning goes :)

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Now it's over to you: What tips do you have to make Christmas easy and stress free?



  1. Planning is the key isn't it! Not too long until I start my annual 10 week countdown.

  2. On Boxing Day, I take the time to write myself a letter recording what worked and what didn't, what we loved and what we wouldn't do again. I pop it in with my Xmas decorations and read next year when we are putting up the tree!