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Friday, September 23, 2011

What is Virtual Organising?

I've had a number of people ask me about the Virtual Organising option listed in my Services tab - specifically, 'What is Virtual Organising?'.

It's a good question!

Virtual Organising is where I help you get organised over the internet. This can be done via email, Skype or social media (Twitter or Facebook).

Here are a couple reasons you may need virtual organising:

  • You need help decluttering your wardrobe, but live 2 hrs away from me (I'm based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia). You could pay me $75 per hour to drive to your house, look at your wardrobe, develop a plan and then help you organise your wardrobe - but depending on how long it takes to organise, you are looking at a cost upwards of $450.
  • You're looking for a way to better manage your everyday life at home with the kids. You'd love to have me over for a couple of hours to sit down and chat about your daily activities & commitments so we can work out a Time Management plan and some simple daily routines to save your sanity. Problem is, you barely have 5 minutes between the school run, nappy changes, grocery shopping, masses of washing, organising dinner and kids yelling to call and book an appointment, let alone actually meet in person..
Are you tired just reading that??

This is why a lot of people who want to use a Professional Organiser can't actually do it. Even though the benefits are huge (less stress, less clutter, more time, calmer lifestyle), sometimes there just isn't enough time or money available to get started.

Here's where virtual organising comes in. With Beautifully Organised, it usually involves:

  1. Sending a $15 deposit (usually via PayPal) and an email with details of the help you need - for example, you may have a desk to declutter, or need help with time management. Make sure to include your organising goals. If applicable, include a series of photos or a quick video (2-3 mins) of the area you want to sort out - have a look at an example here.
  2. I take a look at your information and assesses how long it would take to sort out your problem, then email/msg/Tweet you a quote.
  3. Once you give the go ahead, I give you step by step help over the phone or internet, and you tackle the organising task, checking in regularly with your organiser - this can be done via email/social media/skype/phone etc at times that suit us both, and often includes pictures / video of your progress (most people use their mobile phone to take & send this info).
  4. Then you're done! A final check in with me to make sure you have the result you are looking for, final payment of your bill via PayPal and the job is complete!
Virtual Organising is a great way to get the benefits of working your own Professional Organiser at a time and price that's convenient for you.

If you would like one on one help with Beautifully Organised, take a look at the Services page, send an email, and start looking forward to a clutter free, relaxing life :)

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