Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Planning: Christmas Card List

It's Christmas Planning Sunday!

Grab your Christmas Planner and let's get started on your Christmas Card List:

Don't Panic!

You're not actually writing and sending Christmas Cards today - all you have to do is jot down who you want to send a card to and their address - the rest will be done next week. Easy!

My big tip for this page: Sit down with your address book and your mobile phone when you write your list. I generally keep my address book up to date but if I find someone who I haven't updated in a while I have usually at least put their new address into my phone under 'Contacts' - and if not, I can just send them a quick text and ask for their address.

Congratulations - You have now completed this week's task and have taken another step towards a Beautifully Organised Christmas!

Please visit again next Sunday for next week's task :)


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  1. Thank you so much this is wonderful have my list ready now, thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy