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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Planning: Christmas Day Menu

It's time for some more Easy Christmas Planning!

If you haven't done so already, grab your Christmas Planner and let's get to work so you can have a stress free Christmas this year :)

Today's task is to write out your Christmas Day Meal Plan (time required: 1/2 hr)

If you are serving Christmas Lunch or dinner at your house, use this page to list what you are going to serve. Then find and copy / print your recipes and add them to this section of your folder in a plastic sleeve so you have your information all together in one reference point.

If you are visiting others on Christmas Day (like my family is) and won't be cooking the main meal, this page will still come in handy. We are going out for Christmas lunch and dinner but I still need to prepare breakfast and brunch. Then in the lunch and dinner sections I'll note any dishes I am bringing with me to parties, and also any food I'm packing for the girls in case they can't wait for meals to be served. Hungry Kids + Busy Day = Cranky Family so I'm happy to take a packed lunch just in case!

Your last step for today is to grab a piece of paper & pen, take each recipe and write one long list of every ingredient you will need. Add the list to your planner and when you are ready to shop, it will be there ready for you!

My big tip for this page: Make Christmas easier on your budget by keeping a copy of your ingredient list in your wallet or on your phone. When you do your weekly / fortnightly grocery shop, add a couple of things from this list to your trolley and your Christmas grocery list will almost take care of itself!

Congratulations - You have taken another step towards a Beautifully Organised Christmas!

See you for the next task!


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