Beautifully Organised: Christmas Planning: What's your plan for Christmas Day?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Planning: What's your plan for Christmas Day?

Have you checked your Christmas countdown lately? Today is the first Sunday in November and there are now officially only 49 days left until Christmas Day - maybe less by the time you are reading this!

This year, I'm using the Beautifully Organised Christmas Planner to get myself ready for the big day. What I love most about this planner is that it includes a calendar that has a prompt every Sunday to complete one of my Christmas organising tasks, so each week I get an important job done quickly & easily and can then go and relax with the family :)

So, each Sunday leading up to Christmas Day I'll be posting about the week's task and how I am going with it - and I would love for you to join me! If you need a planner too, click here to purchase one, or you can make your own as we go along by writing out your own pages and putting them in a folder.

Today's task is to write out your Christmas Day Plan.

Whether you have people over, or you go out & about visiting loved ones, Christmas Day can be busy and overwhelming. Planning out your day now will help you manage your time on the day and give your family advance warning of what you will be doing and when.

This is an example of what your Christmas Day Plan sheet looks like:

I keep mine simple and break it up into 4 sections, then it just needs to be filled in:

  1. Morning: We do presents (just Mum, Dad and the kids) and have breakfast together, then have a visit from relatives for a light brunch.
  2. Rest Time: Our kids are both aged under 3 and Christmas Day is a busy one so nap time is definitely encouraged! Here I write down who naps when and where (we plan to be at a relative's house so writing this down helps me make sure I have everything we need available for nap time - portacot, pillows, etc). Between you & me, I'd like a nap myself to so I'll be putting that down in pencil ;)
  3. Afternoon: We have a late lunch at a relative's house and then the kids play for a couple of hours
  4. Evening: Off to another relative's house for a late dinner, so I include a note here to make sure I have a bag packed with pj's for the girls
My big tip for this page: make sure you write down a time for you to relax and have some fun - or the whole day will disappear and you will be exhausted!

Congratulations - You have now completed this week's task and have taken your first step to a Beautifully Organised Christmas!

Please visit again next Sunday for next week's task :)


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  1. Christmas day is always so hectic. I have never thought of planning out the day in such detail. Historically I use to just wake-up get dressed and then go for the ride! Its crazy and so tiring.

    I am a DINK and even I find it crazy. So I can only imagine what it is like when you have kids.

    What a great idea to plan for the day!