Beautifully Organised: Winner of the Blog Planner giveaway!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Winner of the Blog Planner giveaway!

This week at Beautifully Organised I've been running a give away for the gorgeous Blog Planner by The Organised Housewife:

If you read this post you'll know I find the planner extremely useful - it's really been the key tool in helping me stay on top of my blogging commitments and free up some more time to spend with my family (and sleep!)

Thank you Katrina for supplying a blog planner for me to give away, it's much appreciated!

So, the winner of the Blog Planner is:

Steph from Think BIG. Start small. Congratulations!

I'll organise for your prize to be sent to you, so keep an eye on your email.

If you didn't win but would still like to get your blogging organised, please click the pic below for more information and a couple of pictures of the Blog Planner - at $9.95 it's incredible value :)


**I am proud to be an affiliate of The Organised Housewife Blog Planner. This means if you choose to purchase the planner via the image above, I will receive a commission. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate too, please visit this page.


  1. Ooooh! Thank you!!!!! Can't wait to get it so I can get a clue about organising this blogging stuff! lol

  2. You're welcome! I'd love to hear what you think of it when you use it Steph :)