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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Planning: Decorating made easy

It's Christmas Planning Sunday! 

This week is a fun one - we are putting up Christmas decorations - if you haven't already!

It can be one of the nicest days leading up towards Christmas, whether you decorate by yourself or with loved ones - although if the kids are involved, it can get a bit out of hand with everyone wanting to hang the best decorations! Here are a couple of tips to keep it a calm, cosy experience when little ones are involved:
  • Give everyone their own responsibility for something special - hanging the lights, special ornaments, or the angel or star on top of your tree
  • Tidy as you go - put packaging back into the box it came from straight away so there is less clutter to trip on while decorating (today's planner tool below will help with this)
  • Pop some Christmas music on to get in the holiday mood
  • Decorate in the afternoon or evening just before the tidy / bath / bed routine starts - once you turn on the Christmas lights it creates a cosy glow that will encourage slower, more gentle behaviour.
The only page you'll need today from your Christmas Planner is this:

These little cards will save you so much time after Christmas when you are packing your decorations away again :)

As you unpack each box, just jot down which decorations came from it and place the card in the empty box.

Now you don't have to spend ages trying to make them all fit in again when you put them away!

My big tip for this page: When you pack everything away again after Christmas, take the card out and stick it to the side of the box - then next year you can see exactly what's inside without having to rummage through :)

One more thing! If you struggle with tangled Christmas lights every year, trying packing them away like this:
Pinned Image

Congratulations - You have now completed this week's task and have taken another step towards a Beautifully Organised Christmas! 

Please visit again next Sunday for next week's task :)


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