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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Planning: Other To Do's

It's Christmas Planning Sunday! 

The last Sunday before the big day :)

If you've been using your Christmas Planner you should be pretty much done with your Christmas preparation, isn't that a nice feeling?

Still, there are often a few things that can't be completed too far in advance and the week before Christmas is the time to do them.

Today's task is to fill out your "Other Christmas To Do's" list.

Jot down anything you haven't done yet - wrapping presents, cooking prep, tidying the house, whatever comes to mind. The key is to write it down today, and leave your list out where you can see it easily.

Leaving it out where you can see it is important for 2 reasons:
  1. So you can add to it easily if you think of anything new
  2. So you can prioritise what needs to be done and tick off jobs as you go
Following your list this week means you can do your last minute preparation smoothly, a little each day, most important things first - no rushing around in a panic.

Then all you need to do is relax and enjoy the Holiday Season :)

My big tip for this page: Put a big, red, easy to see star next to the jobs that are most important - where the world will end if these aren't done by Christmas Eve! For me, it's wrapping presents.. If you tackle them first, the feeling you get when they are done is fabulous, and everything is quicker and easier from then on!

Congratulations - You have now completed this week's task and have taken another step towards a Beautifully Organised Christmas! 


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