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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How To: Organised Eating

I get asked a lot if being organised can apply to areas of life outside the house or office. My answer? Absolutely.

Organised living is about making life easier. This applies to anything - including how you eat.

Has this happened to you?
  • You're too busy to have breakfast so you skip it and go hungry, or pick up something take away (and expensive) while you are on the way to work / school / the shops
  • You're flustered trying to get sandwiches made for lunch while your toddler throws a tantrum because it's taking to long and she's hungry
  • You don't have the ingredients for dinner and after a long day, you just want to relax so you pick up some expensive take away
  • You want to choose healthier snack options but it just takes too long to get them ready when you can just grab a chocolate bar or muesli bar or chips instead
  • You throw out fruit and vegetables weekly because you don't get a chance to use them before they go off
Well it doesn't have to be like that! You can save a whole lot of time and money within a week by doing these 3 things:

1. A little planning and prep work: 
  • Write out a weekly meal plan at the start of the week so you don't have to work out each day what to have for dinner. 
  • Put a post it on the inside of your pantry door and jot down groceries to buy as you think of them.
  • Prepare things in batches and get them done in one go: For example, make a loaf of ham and cheese sandwiches for the week and freeze them.
  • Make your own grab and go snacks: I love the Nobby's Nude Nuts and Trail Mix at the moment so I divide the big pack into handfuls, put each portion in a bag and grab one bag at snack time (they also come in snack sizes if you don't want to divide them yourself). You can try this with watermelon, grapes, cheese and crackers, etc. 
2. Get the family involved:
  • Kids can help more than you think and will often be pleased to be included in meal planning, cooking, washing dishes etc. Even the little ones! I use the 'Children's Jobs - Age appropriate guide' from, you get it for free when you sign up for their newsletter. And if the kids aren't keen, well, you're the boss! Add it to their chores list or reward chart, set the expectation with them that this is part of every day life and follow through daily by reminding them and doing it together :)
3. Keep it Simple:
  • I pack lunches for myself and my girls whether we are going out or not. That way I know everything's ready to eat and I'm not spending half an hour making sandwiches or pureeing vegies at lunchtime, we just open the fridge take out lunch, and eat it.
  • Dinner doesn't have to be elaborate! Don't get me wrong, I love shows like Masterchef and  I'm a huge Nigella fan but you can save that for the weekend. During the week when you're busy, there's nothing wrong with quick, simple dinners. Here's a simple meal plan you can use.
Click here for meal plan

Getting your eating organised will put an end to frantic meal times and give you more time to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with your family. Give it a try and you won't want to go back - and remember, a nice dinner out every now and then isn't a bad thing either - no washing up :)

What do you do to make meal times easier at your house?


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  • I received a complimentary sample of Nobby's Nude Nuts to review. I love them. The 
    Trail Mix is my favourite :) Everything else mentioned in this post was bought / made by me.

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  1. I like to do a meal plan as well. But some times I am not organised enought to get organised (or maybe its laziness). Making a meal plan definitely does save money too, through less wasteage, especially if you plan your snacks and lunches too.
    From Alissa@look.find.inspire