Beautifully Organised: Neat & Tidy 2012: Main Bedroom

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Neat & Tidy 2012: Main Bedroom

Day 1 of Neat & Tidy 2012!

Welcome to everyone joining this project, I can't wait to see our progress every month :)

The first room we're tackling is the main bedroom. It's a great room to begin with - less of a job compared to the living area (so not too overwhelming) but big enough for you to feel the positive impact of organising straight away - which will get you motivated to do the rest of your house! There's also the added benefit of calm, peaceful sleep when you're in an uncluttered bedroom :)

Let's get started! Grab your Main Bedroom Checklist and a pen and you are ready to begin.

Completing your checklist: 

The checklist is a simple and effective tool to help you organise your main bedroom. It breaks down the job into manageable pieces that you can do over the rest of this month and helps you keep track of what you have already accomplished.

I'll show you how I tailor my checklist to suit my main bedroom. You can follow along with me if your room is set out the same, otherwise just customise it to suit your space.

Here's a scanned copy of mine all filled out - it's a little blurry so I'll go through it step by step below.

Working in Zones: 

I find the hardest part of organising a room is the size of the job. So many times I've had clients and friends get a couple of hours into organising and then just give up because it seems like the job will never get done. When you do a whole room at a time, it's hard to see progress as you go, so it's really difficult to stay motivated.

When I organise, my first step is to break down the room into four zones that need organising and jot them down on the list. For example, my four Main Bedroom zones are: the two bedside tables, the wardrobe, the bench storage at the end of my bed and the tallboy in the corner of the room. 

We have a whole month to organise this room, so an easy way to break it down is to do one zone each week. In my example, I'll be doing the bedside tables this week, the wardrobe next week, and so on.

Ticking off the steps for each zone:

Once you have your zones written down, go to the bottom of your checklist. All you have to do each week is complete the steps listed and tick each one off as you go. In my example above, I have completed the first action in zone 1, so I can tick the #1 box. By the end of this week, I need to have ticked all four #1 boxes in order to move on to zone 2.

It's important to complete every step for each zone before moving on to the next one if you want organising to be quick and easy. It's just as important to do them in the order listed - after all, you don't want to waste time or money finding homes or containers for things you won't be keeping!

Monday Facebook check-ins: Now you're ready to organise! If you follow Beautifully Organised on Facebook, I'd love to hear from you each week on our Monday check-ins. We'll be discussing all things related to Neat & Tidy 2012 and it's a great way to touch base with other readers involved in the project. Just go on to the Facebook page on Mondays and leave a post or comment letting me know what you are up to and how it's working out :) You can also ask questions, upload before / after / work in progress photos, and share your organising experiences with the rest of us!

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