Sunday, February 5, 2012

Neat & Tidy 2012: January results & February's room!


Welcome to February, and congratulations on your January efforts for Neat & Tidy 2012!

Whether you powered through and completed organising your whole main bedroom or still have a few finishing touches to go, you deserve a HUGE pat on the back for a job well done - It was a big room to start with!

if you follow Beautifully Organised on Facebook you will have seen and read about the progress we made in January, but just in case you missed it, here's a before and after example of one of my Main Bedrrom Zones - My end of bed storage: 

Now I still have a couple of things to go on my wardrobe, but I'm happy with the overall outcome of the bedroom. If you are like me and have a couple of things left to do, you are in luck: later on in the year we will have some extra time put aside for you to complete any unfinished organising :)

So this brings us to month 2: February! Are you wondering which room we're doing??

Well you don't have to wait any longer...

This might give you a hint:

Oh yes... it's bathroom time.

Plus, there's more: we are also doing our linen cupboards!

If your linen cupboard is in your bathroom, this will be no surprise to you. If your linen cupboard is outside of your bathroom, don't panic: I know you can do it all within the month and I'll be sharing some great ideas each Monday on Facebook to help you, so make sure you go there and click Like!

Just think how nice it will be at the end of the month to take a long, hot shower, or run a hot bath and soak in it for ages, looking around at your beautifully organised bathroom - towels folded neatly, sheets folded beautifully, everything easy to find, and the surfaces quick & easy to clean.

You'll LOVE it.

So let's get started: Here's your free checklist for February.

If you have trouble printing from Google Docs, try clicking File, then Download as PDF, save it to your computer and print from there. If that doesn't work or you aren't using Google Docs, just email me at and I'll send you the PDF to print out instead :)

I've filled this one out already to guide you on where to start, but you can absolutely customise it to suit your bathroom - I've added a blank one on the 2nd page, so just print out the page that suits you best.

Have fun! We'll be checking in on Facebook every Monday so make sure to take your before and after pics and update me, I can't wait to hear how you go!


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