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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Cooking: Pancake Day

There's a lot going on in NSW for Pancake Day today!

If you're in Sydney, head down to Martin Place before 11am to check out the pancake cook off with Alchemy Restaurant's Brad Jolly - they're working on breaking the Guinness World Record for most pancakes flipped in 1 minute :)

I'm up in Newcastle with my girls so I'm staying home to make pancakes today. With a 2 yr old running around and an 8 month old to keep entertained, it's not easy to get any cooking done! But I have a trick up my sleeve..

I'm a BIG fan of pre-preparing my ingredients as much as possible - I even pre-prepare my lunches! I prefer to do a bit of prep work throughout the morning so that when it's cooking time, I only have to throw everything together quickly and it's done in no time.

When I make pancakes, I have a home-made instant pancake mix ready to go at a moments notice thanks to Nigella Lawson and her Nigella Express cook book. You basically put all the dry ingredients together in a jar and keep it in your pantry, then on Pancake Day (or any other day really!) you take some of the dry mix, add an egg, some milk and melted butter and you're ready to cook. Easy!

So that's my Simple Cooking trick on Pancake Day :)

How do you make pancakes at your house?


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