Beautifully Organised: Tips for organising your computer

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips for organising your computer

Today's post is proudly brought to you by Sarah Paige for Rentsmart! Read on for some great tips on organising your computer :)

A disorganised and messy computer can be just as debilitating and overwhelming as physical clutter. A crowded desktop and unorganised e-mails, photos and files can be a drain on your productivity and efficiency when working on or using your computer. 

Have you ever been on your computer, looked at the time, and thought “where did the last 2 hours go!?” 
It’s easy to get distracted and lost in the innards of the web and all of your programs and applications, but having an organised computer is one trick to keeping you on track.

If you want to whip your computer into shape, there are a number of tips, programs and software to help you do so.

Picasa – Do you often download your pictures from your camera, and then leave them unorganised and eating up your computer’s storage space? There are a number of free picture organising programs that allow you to keep your photo collection in order.  Picasa, for example, has file importing and tracking features, as well as tags, facial recognition, and options to further sort and collect photos. Best of all, Picasa also has editing features, that allow you to crop, enhance colour and correct red eye to name a few. Some computers will come with photo organising and editing software included, but for those that don’t, downloading free programs such as Picasa is a great idea. 

Evernote – Is your desktop a minefield of old notes, files, images, online receipts and invoices? Is your web browser ‘Favourites’ list ridiculously long? It’s hard to keep track of everything we view, read, are interested in, want to come back to later and download online. This is where a program like Evernote can come in handy. Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. Evernote is almost like a personal assistant, a program that records your thoughts, create notes, clip interesting web pages, take photos and store PDFs amongst other things. And the best thing is you can access these notes from your laptop, the web or from your phone. Rather than dumping things randomly onto your computer, organisational programs like Evernote can help give structure to things that you want to note and have access to online.

Organise your e-mails – Sorting your mail as soon as it comes through will help you avoid a pileup of unread emails. Whether you group certain e-mails together, create auto direct rules that automatically sort your e-mails or have designated folders, having an organised inbox can save you a lot of time searching for that e-mail. If you’re diligent about sorting your e-mails you’ll avoid missing an important one.

Back up your computer! It’s a rule that none of us are diligent about – until we lose an important document or our laptop gets stolen. Backing up your computer protects you from these disasters but also frees up space on your hard drive so that your computer is faster and more efficient. And if this doesn’t speed up your laptop or computer, it might be time to invest in new technology that makes it easier to keep on top of your tasks and computer organisation. Computer rental is a smart way to spread the cost of your new machine, and avoid a big upfront cash outlay.  A new era of back up is also taking hold – a system where you essentially back up your work in ‘the cloud’, meaning you store your work in the internet as opposed to on a hard drive. There are a number of programs that allow you to do this, such as DropBox. The handiest thing is you can then access these files anywhere that you can connect to the internet.

Don’t let your computer get out of hand – an organised computer can be just as therapeutic and calming as an organised work space or room!

What are your secrets for keeping your computer organised? 


Thank you Sarah! I'm a big fan of Picasa, learning all about Evernote and a complete slacker at backing up my computer - so I know what I'll be working on this week ;)

About Sarah: Sarah Paige lives in Sydney and originally had a very messy inbox. She is adjusting to having a very organised computer.


  1. Agree, sort and deal with emails straight away...Im a read and delete kinda With photos, sort, delete rubbish ones and file straight away too, then I back them up onto an external hard drive for safe keeping :)

    1. Wow Jen you are on top of it! I should have you round to do my computer :)

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