Monday, March 19, 2012

Building or Renovating? Organise your painting

Someone once asked me if I thought I would 'run out' of organising ideas at some point and not have anything to blog about..

Actually, I have the opposite problem - sometimes there are so many great ideas out there and not enough time to write about them! And they aren't always my ideas either. I think it's really important to share what works for others as well as what works for me (as long as I have the ok to share it of course!)

So I'm always on the look out for ways to make life easier and since I started blogging I'm amazed at some of the great ideas I hear about. Today's post is about a business idea that I am really impressed with.

Renovators, did you know you can order paint online instead of having to get the kids together, pack nappy bags, find a car park at the hardware shop on a Saturday and lug those big heavy paint tins around?!?

Well, this week I found out about Paint Drop - the people who deliver the paint store to your door. They currently service the Melbourne area and are looking to expand Australia wide in the future. Tony from Paint Drop was nice enough to answer a few questions for me about how it all works, so I thought I would share it with you too!

drop logo

So Tony, I'm a busy Mum - how will Paint Drop help me?

Well, our experience in the industry tells us women are primary drivers behind the decision to paint.  They generally choose the colours and are increasingly doing the painting themselves. Where a lot of women aren’t comfortable is in that blokey oriented paint or hardware store. Plus who has the time anyway to stand around Saturday morning in a queue waiting for your paint to be tinted? Paint Drop takes the hassle out of the whole paint buying process and leaves you in charge - a few clicks and the paint is delivered to your door.

If I know what I want my room to look like but I've never painted before, how will I know what type of paint to order?

If you are new to painting or a little unsure as to the right product then simply click on the type of project you have and Paint Drop gives you a recommendation for all aspects of the job – the walls, the ceiling and the preparation product you require.

What about picking colour?

To order your paint you need to have already chosen your colour. Screen technology is not quite to the point where you can simply pick a colour on the computer so we recommend getting a colour card or sample pot to see what it looks like in your room with your furniture before you go ahead. Paint Drop will post colour cards out to consumers free of charge and we currently have a special offer on sample pots.

How do I know I'm getting good quality if I'm ordering online?

Paint Drop only sells leading brands – Dulux, Berger and Cabots.

So the convenience factor is great, I don't have to drag the kids out paint shopping - got any other tips on how to organise your painting?

Whether you buy from us or not, you can register with us at MyPlace on Paint Drop and record exactly what paint you used in which room and what colours. We keep the data on record and next time you want to freshen up the room or tell your friends what colour you used, there is all the information you need - so you don't have to waste time writing it down, filing it somewhere and looking for it later when you need it.

This idea really appeals to me - I would much rather order online with a cup of coffee and a Tim Tam than line up at the paint shop, chasing a toddler around while holding a baby ;)

If you'd like to know more about Paint Drop, head over to their website and check them out, you can also find them on Facebook here.



Image provided by Paint Drop

Big thanks to Tony and Paint Drop for providing the info for this post and for supporting Beautifully Organised attending the 2012 Digital Parents Conference!


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  2. What % of retail price do wholesalers usually get? I want to sell my product to a chain of paint stores.?

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