Beautifully Organised: How to pack a swimming bag: the easy way

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to pack a swimming bag: the easy way

Our girls have swimming lessons on Saturdays, starting at 8.30am.

Now I love being organised, but that's a little early for me when you consider we get up at 7am and we need to be dressed, had breakfast, swimming bag ready, nappy bag ready, and out the door by 8am. Sophie's 2 and Georgia's not even 1 so they aren't at a point where they can get themselves ready yet.

I do not want to get up before 7am on a Saturday morning ;) so I look for ways to make getting ready for swimming easier.

My favourite part is packing girls' swimming bag:

We use these cute little SAKitToMe Kids Collection foldable bags - this is the Butterfly one. Gorgeous :)

Here's what I put inside (for both girls):
  • 3 towels - one for Sophie, one for Georgia, and a spare to put on the changing bench when they get dressed
  • Swimmers and swim hats
  • Comb and hair detangler: we are currently using the Johnson's No More Tangles one. Sophie says it smells like lollies, how cute is that :)
  • Zippered plastic bag holding spare swim nappies and swimming entry card (I don't want these to get wet later)
It all fits in the bag together really easily, then all we need is the everyday nappy bag with regular nappies, wipes, clothes etc.

I like having this separate bag for swimming because when we get home, I just take out the hair stuff and zippered bag and throw the rest - including the bag - into the washing machine.

It's all washed together and when it's dry I fold it all up again and put it all straight back into the bag, then put the bag in Sophie's wardrobe. That's one less job to do next swimming day!

How do you cope with swimming lessons?



  • I received a complimentary sample of the Johnson's range to review. There's a shampoo, a conditioner and the detangler. The verdict? It smells great, is easy to use and works well on my hair too. The fact that Sophie likes the smell is a real positive as she's happy to sit still while I comb her hair!
  • I sell the SAKitToMe bags here on Beautifully Organised. I use them all the time and they have lasted really well. Click here to check out the other styles in the kids' range, there's a cute Owl one, Dinosaur one, a Whale, and more. So cute.


  1. Marissa

    I am enlisting you to come around and pack my bags for me when I next go on holidays :)

    have a lovely weekend

    x Loulou

    1. Lock in it Loulou :) FYI, I sometimes sneak chocolate into Mum's swimming bag ;)

  2. I do a similar thing, except my boys wear undies, so I need to put in the dry undies, and I also put in a plastic bag for the wet swimmers and towels. I leave the swimming bag in the car, and just bring in the bag of wet clothes to be washed. I take the washed towels straight from the clothes line in to the swimming bag in the car. That way I can never forget the swimming bag! (Again) ;)

  3. I put kids in swimsuits and their clothes for the day over them - when we get to the pool, I just have to take clothes off. After swim, we put on undies/diapers and the clothes back on. That way the bag is towels, undies, and thats pretty much it