Beautifully Organised: Neat & Tidy 2012: May

Monday, April 30, 2012

Neat & Tidy 2012: May

We're back! Welcome to May everyone :)

How did you go with catch up month in April?

Hope you're ready for your next room - this month we are working on the Laundry!

We'll work on your sink, your storage, your machines & your ironing space.

I'll show you some great product and space organising ideas and by the end of May you might just even love doing your washing just that little bit more :)

Here's your free checklist for this month - I'm trying a new system, so to download the checklist, just click on the picture below:

If the download doesn't work, just email me at and I'll send you the PDF to print out instead :)

While you're at it, send me a before picture so I can see what you are dealing with!

I'll see you on Facebook for updates as we go, so go there and click Like to make sure you don't miss anything!



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1 comment:

  1. Hi Marissa,
    Reading the checklist just reminded me of some tidying up I need to do. Thanks for the reminder...I think ;o)
    Cheers, Caylie