Beautifully Organised: Neat & Tidy Check In: Laundry before and after!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Neat & Tidy Check In: Laundry before and after!

So, May is over - how's your laundry looking?

What was the easiest part? What was the trickiest?

Kat from NSW sent in some fantastic before and after pics of her laundry organising that I'm so excited to share with you!

Here's the before:
 As you can see, pretty good already!

And the after:

Look at all that extra space!

Here's what I LOVE about the way Kat has organised her laundry:
  • There's plenty of clear space around the door so going in and out of the laundry is easy - no need to move (or kick... if you're like me) anything out of the way first or sidestep around small cupboards or stools
  • The inside of the main cupboard was neat before, but now, 'like' items are grouped together - bathroom products, pet supplies, Laundry products - each group has it's own shelf and the ones most commonly used are at arm level - easy access every day
  • The inside of the broom cupboard is uncluttered - just 3 things kept here. So when Kat needs to get out the ironing board, broom or mop, it's a 'quick reach in, grab it and go' motion - not an 'open the door, rummage through and try to take something out without everything else falling' motion :)
Thanks Kat for sending us your pics - it looks great!

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New room on Monday! Can you guess what it is? Don't forget to come back for your free checklist :)


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