Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest LOVE: Kids room storage and organising ideas

I've been checking out Pinterest this week for some more ideas on kids room storage for the Neat & Tidy challenge this month!

Want to see my favourites?

HEMNES Storage bench IKEA The lid closes slowly to minimise the risk of the child getting its fingers caught. Practical storage space under the lid.
Hemnes Storage bench from IKEA

neatKids closetMax, double or triple your hanging space
Hanging wardrobe modules (LOVE the one w days of the week for clothes) from neatKids

Boys Room storage solution..great net!
Net for ball storage from Juxtapost
Dollhouse bed from

More ideas here on the Pinterest board - and I'd love to see or hear about yours! Leave a comment or link in the box below if you have an idea to share :)



  1. hanging wardrobes can also be purchased from K-mart for under $20. this is what i have used to organise my daughters clothes. not as many options but still does the job. i love them. i also love the doll house bed, i must find out how much it is :)

  2. I think the kids’ rooms are always the toughest to organize and arrange. You can have a thousand and one storage solutions but their belongings will continuously increase in number endlessly. For me, I prefer storage compartments with easy removal feature. Hence, anything that is built-in like a cabinet or wardrobe is a big no-no. This is because I like to rearrange my furniture every now and then to organize things so mobile feature is good.