Beautifully Organised: Live Blogging for Beginners

Monday, July 16, 2012

Live Blogging for Beginners

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A common question I get asked from bloggers who want to get organised is "How to you blog LIVE at conferences or events?". Live blogging is an excellent way to share what you learn at events with people who can't get there in person - if you're blogging live, they get to attend virtually by reading your posts, which also means lots of engagement for you & your blog!

Today's post is written by my blogging mentor and dear friend, Caylie Price at Better Business, Better Life. She's a wealth of knowledge and if you want to make the most from your business, I highly recommend checking out her site after you finish reading :)

Ever thought about live blogging an event?

Picture this.

Up to five people (including three women) on the stage at a time. All taking turns to share their thoughts and knowledge.

Now don’t forget women speak approximately 20,000 words on a normal day. Times that by a nervousness and excitement factor of 106 (ok so I made that up but you get the idea).

So many words.

Such a short time.

And I’m using a tablet for the first time ever.

Topped off by the speakers being replaced by a new panel every 45 minutes to an hour. That’s right. New super excited women every 45.

Welcome to the 2012 Digital Parents Conference.

Before we delve any further I should state I had an absolute ball. It was a brilliant event with so many wonderful people to meet and lessons to learn. In fact it’s where I met Marissa, our gorgeous host, in real life.

But back to live blogging.

This was my first time live blogging and lord knows I’m a slow typist even with a keyboard. A special thanks and shout out to the lady a couple of seats over who noticed me typing on the screen and loaned me her keyboard. Approximately 4000 words were live blogged in three hours. 


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So why share this with you? Marissa asked me to tell what live blogging was like and what I’d do differently next time.

You know. To be Beautifully Organised.

Live blogging consists of three phases. Prior to the event, during the event and post event.

Prior to the event you should:

  • Identify the speakers and the sessions you wish to live blog.
  • Write a brief introduction for each of your posts.
  • Decide on the structure you will follow.
    • Verbatim, paraphrasing or summarizing.
  • Organise the items you need to take to the event.
    • Laptop or tablet and keyboard.
    • Pen and notepad (yes really).
    • Powerboard.
    • Camera.
    • Drinks and snacks (depending on the length of the event).

During the event you should:

  • Following your structure complete the posts.
  • Add any images.
  • Proofread.
  • Publish.
  • If you get a chance, promote your post on Twitter using the event #hashtag during the session breaks.

After the event you should:

  • Promote your post on platforms where your target audience is and ensure you tag the event and speakers.
  • Link between your posts.
  • If the host has a blog link up for the event list your post there.

Seems full on doesn’t it.

It needn’t overwhelm you though. You now know all the tools and actions required to make live blogging a smooth experience. 

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So what did I learn and what could you and I do differently next time?

1. You could approach speakers prior to the event and seek exclusives from them. This would add value for your readers and hopefully result in the speakers really supporting/promoting your posts as well.

2. You should definitely consider writing a follow up post to summarise your content from the event and link it all together, adding your opinions regarding the main themes.

3. You could offer to be the official live blogger for the event. The event organisers, should they accept the offer, are likely to promote your efforts to the entire audience meaning awesome exposure for your content.

What should you do from here?

Have a go.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? If it’s not ‘perfect’ the first biggie. Try again.

If you have live blogged before share your tips and experiences in the comments. Let’s all learn from each other.

Caylie Price is the founder of Better Business Better Life. She helps you blast your business to success so you can live the life you want. Sign up now for her Olympic Blogging Challenge and Small Business Olympics.



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  2. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!