Monday, July 23, 2012

Thermomix LOVE

It arrived today!

I'm so excited :)

Now I just need LOTS of recipe ideas. It comes with a great cookbook but I've heard there are some great Thermomix recipes on blogs as well.

Any ideas on where I should look?

What about you - do you have / want a Thermomix?


  1. Thermovixens have a great blog. The Thermomix Forum on the Australian webpage has awesome recipes that people share. Plus thermomix have heaps of cookbooks to buy! I have one and love mine!

  2. Well you know how much I love mine! Some winners from the EDC (Everyday Cookbook) are the choc chip cookies, beef strog, chicken curry and butter chicken. I also frequently make Home Made Traditional Ice Cream and haven't bought store bought ice cream in a LONG time. There's a beautiful Honey Soy Chicken that beats a chinese/asian takeaway any night on the recipe community website too and Ben cooks that one frequently!
    Also - I hear you might be in the market for some new playdoh ;) The recipe in the back of the EDC is super easy, cheap to make and makes perfect texture without burning!!!!

    1. Thanks Steph! Tonight I'm doing bolognaise and basic pasta sauce, and the chocolate cake. Cookies and stroganoff are on the list too!

  3. Quirky cooking blog is awesome too. Have fun!

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