Beautifully Organised: What's In My Bag - and how I keep it tidy

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's In My Bag - and how I keep it tidy

Welcome to today's Easy Way Q&A..

This week Megan asks a fantastic question (thanks Megan!):

How do you organise your handbag so that it's easy to keep tidy, and easy to switch handbags quickly?

Great question! Here's how I do it: 

Id love to know how YOU organise your handbag, so please comment below and tell me!

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My other blog post on organising your handbag

Send in your questions for next week's Easy Way Q&A!

Have a great weekend!


Today's video is not sponsored, but I have been affiliated with Nutrimetics for years (that's where I bought the handbag) and I won the Borne Naked liner a while ago. Loved it so much I bought another one in the Large size! Everything else mentioned was purchased by me or given as a gift separate to blogging or Beautifully Organised.
Keychain from Glitzy Glam
Handbag Liner from Borne Naked
Cute teeny tiny lip gloss sample was part of a recent Lust Have It box

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  1. I like handbag inserts. I actually made one, but I can't find it at the moment! Must do something about that. I also have a loop of ribbon attached to my keys for the exact reason you mentioned. So handy and you know you won't 'stab' your kids with your car keys when you pick them up!
    Great vid Marissa :)

    1. Thanks Laney! I love the ribbon idea - even after owning the keychain I never thought of using ribbon :)