Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How my iPad 2 helps me get organised

I LOVE my iPad 2.

I was thrilled when I got it for Christmas, and since then it’s become one of my most valued possessions (don’t worry, I still love my kids & husband too!), I use it every day.

An iPad 2 was a big investment for us, so it’s important to me that I get as much value from it as possible. I do use it every day to keep in touch with friends and family (emails, Facebook, etc) and for work related stuff (blogging, filming, taking & editing photos, etc) which is all really useful, but I’m most impressed with how it’s helped me stay organised & de clutter my house!

So I thought today I would show you how i use my iPad 2 - and a couple of clever accessories from Belkin that I bought from Big W - to help me stay clutter free and organised:

No more kitchen clutter: I love to cook and I LOVE cookbooks. I must have had around 30 cookbooks sitting on a shelf in my kitchen - it was getting so heavy the shelf was starting to buckle from the weight of all the books!

But over the last few months I found I was only using a couple of these cookbooks regularly  - most of my recipes I would find on the internet, then print them off and just pop the recipe page into one of the other cookbooks, thinking I’d add it to a recipe book later.... but later never came.

It made finding each recipe again really hard, especially if I was in a hurry. Plus I hated the feeling I got walking past the messy shelf, knowing I should be tidying it.. but just didn’t feel like it!

So I was in Big W a few months ago and found this:

The Belkin Smart Mount

It’s a fridge mount - I stuck it straight on my fridge, and when I want to cook I put my iPad in, look the recipe up on the internet (recipe sites, blogs, sometimes even YouTube videos!) and follow it like that - no printing, no losing papers, and most importantly, no messy food splashes on it!

At first I thought it wouldn’t hold and that my iPad would drop & break, but I’ve used it daily for months now, and it stays on perfectly! And the iPad 2 is really light, so I don’t know what I was worried about now :) I even use it to listen to music when I do the dishes!

LOVE that I found this locally, I had been looking at one last Christmas on the internet but it was a different brand and I would have had to have it shipped internationally, the price was just getting too high. This one was only $38 :)

No more book clutter: I’m a big reader, and over the years I have bought a LOT of books. Especially personal development and organising books!

The ironic thing is, all of my books on organising started to really clutter up my house.. awkward.

In the last year or so I’ve noticed I’m getting more organising inspiration from the internet - other blogs, online catalogues, Pinterest, and general web surfing. So while I love my books, they’ve just become things that I rarely use, that take up a lot of space!

I made the decision to reduce my book clutter a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back.

I would have done it sooner, but I was worried I’d miss that comfy feeling of sitting down with a good book - it’s just not the same as sitting at the computer, and I hate having my lap top on my lap (too bulky, hot & uncomfortable).

This little baby changed my mind:

The Belkin View Lounge

It’s from Belkin as well and it’s called the View Lounge for iPad 2 - and it’s such a great idea.

It’s basically a bean bag with a little hook on it and you put your iPad on it so you can use it hands free. I use it the same way I would use a tripod, but this one will balance perfectly on a lounge, bed, table, cushion and floor - without dropping the iPad.

I LOVE it. Now I just read blogs or ebooks on my iPad while I’m on my bed or lounge and it’s like having a book on a stand - hands free reading :)

Because it’s so comfy and portable, I now watch a LOT of YouTube videos when there’s nothing on TV - mostly videos from my favourite organisers, and that’s given me so much inspiration for my own organising projects! So between that AND the book clutter I’ve been able to reduce, my life is a lot less cluttered :)

I also use it when I film my weekly Easy Way Q&A videos - I film straight to my iPhone or iPad and use the View Lounge as my tripod!

These are definitely my 2 favourite accessories for my iPad, and the prices are great for the quality and amount of use I get from them!

I bought both of them from Big W a few months ago - you can still find them in stores, and online: the Belkin Smart Mount is here, and the Belkin View Lounge is here.

If you’re looking for an iPad 2, you can find that at Big W as well!



I bought both the Smart Mount and the View Lounge with my own money from Big W a few months ago and have loved them from the first time I used them.

My husband bought me the iPad 2 last Christmas (yep, he’s a good catch!).

So I was thrilled when Big W offered to sponsor this blog post! Every opinion I’ve given in this article is completely honest and my personal point of view.


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  2. Great post, thank you. I've just linked to it from my Facebook page -
    Can't wait to get my iPad - probably Christmas, if I can wait that long.

  3. i have been wanting one for ages but couldnt bring myself to spend that much on myself . BUT if i were to get it for my husband for fathers day that would be a great idea. im sure he will not mind me using it :p
    ps i dont have a profile.. i dont get it

    xxx Sarah

    1. Ooh now that is smart thinking Sarah! Don't worry about a profile, not needed :)

  4. Totally agree, the iPad 2 has changed clutter in my kitchen enormously . And I recently found an app called Menu Planner, it is Awesome! Not only in planning your menu for the week or month, but organizing groceries as well. To top it off it has a recipie book that you can scan or type your recipes in then take a photo of your finished dish and the icing on the cake is that it allows you to import recipes from loads of different websites including which I use regularly, you just click on the button import recipes, select the website from the bookmark icon and search for a recipie, when you find one you like, import it picture and all, give it a star rating, it seperates your ingredients so you can print off a grocery list etc it is just Awesome! Not sure what the full name of it is, but it says Menu Planner on my iPad and has a picture of a knife and fork in a diamond on it! Sorr hope I havn't waffled too much, I just get sooooo excited about things that streamline my life a little :-) especially with three children! Cheers Cathy D

  5. Ooh thanks Cathy, I'm going to check out that app! I have a similar one that's not available anymore, that you can copy and paste recipes into but you can't scan recipes. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Love the fridge idea - Just what I need when I'm cooking!

  7. That fridge holder is genius! Cute beanbag stand too. I love my iPad and have used it even more since getting the Logitech ultra-thin keyboard cover. It's like having a laptop without all the bulk.

    1. Laney that keyboard cover sounds great! Did you review it?

  8. I bought this ipad stand from its a cushion that works as an ipad holder. Its made from velvet and very comfy to use in bed and on my lap.
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  9. I bought this ipad stand from its a cushion that works as an ipad holder. Its made from velvet and very comfy to use in bed and on my lap.
    ipad bed stand

  10. I bought this ipad stand from its a cushion that works as an ipad holder. Its made from velvet and very comfy to use in bed and on my lap.
    ipad bed stand

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