Beautifully Organised: I'm Loving: IKEA on my iPhone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Loving: IKEA on my iPhone!

The rumours are true!

IKEA has a smartphone App!

I've been reading through the new catalogue on it all day on my iPhone and I'm in organising heaven :)

Here are my favourite pics from the catalogue:

Left to Right: gorgeous kids craft table, umbrella holder
and a simple home office that fits under the stairs.

Have you had a look at it yet? If so, what's YOUR favourite page? Tell me on Facebook :)



This post isn't sponsored - and all opinions are my own :)

I have my eye on a few IKEA products that I think would make housekeeping and organising really easy - I would LOVE to feature them here, so I'll keep you posted!

Images are all by me, taken from screenshots of the IKEA app on my iPhone and put together with the 'Picture frames free' app.