Beautifully Organised: How to save money with organised energy use

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to save money with organised energy use

I have a printable present for you!

Do you plan your energy use to save money? If not, would you like to?
Power Saver Chart

We noticed our power bills were getting too big so we called our energy provider, who told us which times of the day were cheaper to run our appliances. I have a terrible memory so I created this printable to stick on our fridge - it reminds me of the best times to run our large appliances :)

If you would like a copy for your house, click on the picture to download & print it!

If you're wondering what 'Shoulder' time is, we were told it's not peak, not off peak, but a price in between the two. So not the cheapest time to use energy, but not the most expensive either. In my case, I would vacuum at Shoulder time because the only cheaper option is to do it after 10pm, and I'm not willing to wake the kids up at that time of night with a noisy vacuum cleaner!

*Note: This printable is based on our family's energy usage with our energy provider, so it's worth having a look at your energy bill to see if the same peak & off peak times apply at your house before using the printable. If yours has different peak & off peak times, I can customise the printable for you for $1.50 AUD, just email me at with the details :)



  1. Thanks Marissa for this. Great Idea. I've printed off a copy and will see what changes I can make around here to save on the energy bill.

  2. great job figuring out the peak/off peak/shoulder times! just a quick note, anything with a heating element will use the biggest whack of electricity, but the motors not so much. so it's not really worth your time to try to vacuum late at night, but it IS definitely worth your time to iron, run the dryer or dishwasher late. those are the three biggest energy eaters, after an electric cooktop (according to my electrician).

    here in QLD, it's all one rate, all the time.... booo!

    xoxo, buf

    1. I'm so jealous of Queensland then! Thanks buf :)

    2. Wait, I thought you meant it was off peak all the time in QLD, but if it's all one rate and it's peak rate, that's no good at all!

  3. Thanks Marissa this is exactly what i need after a $1000 bill for last quarter.

    must be the heaters i leave on all night and the electric blanket that i cant live with out.



  4. Hi Marissa, the only time this plan would be counter productive is households where solar power is installed. It is best to avoid all power use or as much as possible during daylight hours and then use power when the sum is down! Easier said then done! :)

    1. That's what I thought - we had solar put in a couple of months ago and I've been running everything during the day at the sunniest times - but the bill since we had solar installed was higher than without it!

      Maybe something's wrong with out solar... I better check it out. Thanks!

  5. Ah that might be your issue? You need to avoid using your appliances and power during the day because that's when the power company is drawing power into the grid ... If you ate using your power during the day then essentially you won't be getting any benefit from your solar system. I hope that makes sense and helps ... It may be worth calling your installer and ask them to confirm best time to avoid power use :) Bec