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Monday, November 19, 2012

Free printable: Babysitter Notes

One of the most important aspects of making life easier when you're a parent is to take some time out from being a parent!

You need a chance to be YOU as well as Mum or Dad, and to relax for a bit :)

Taking some time off also benefits the kids, especially if you have young ones - it gives them a chance to spend time with people other than Mum or Dad, to practice playing with others and to grow as an independent person.

It can be a bit overwhelming to leave the kids with someone else if you haven't done it much before. You want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible so your phone isn't ringing the whole time because the babysitter has questions (and so you're not ringing home every five minutes yourself because you forgot to mention something before you left!).

 So to make it a little easier I have a printable present for you!

Babysitter Notes Printable

It's a quick & easy way of jotting down all the important notes your babysitter needs to know. Whether you hire a babysitter or have a family member look after the kids, this sheet is handy to use because it makes the job so much easier - your babysitter can focus on relaxing and having fun with the kids while you're out.

No arguments about bedtimes, tv, what they can eat - everything's all spelled out.

It even covers emergency details for extra peace of mind for everyone :)

So there's no excuse - go ahead, take a night off!


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