Friday, November 30, 2012

Small change, big benefit: Organising car accessories

I find if I don't take the time to keep my car organised, it ends up a complete mess - full of stuff, but I can't find anything I need!

I don't have a huge car, so I don't have the space to keep all of my car accessories in it all the time - like our GPS kit, DVD players for long trips, and iPod stereo transmitter, etc.

So what I do is try to keep these items packed away neatly but easy to 'grab and go' when I need them.

An easy way for me to do this is to use a simple trick from my school days! I use pencil cases to store each accessory kit - the pencil cases that come with the little letters to personalise it.

Here's an example with our new iPod stereo transmitter (that thing you plug your iPod into so you can listen to it through the car stereo):

See! The pencil case holds everything and I labelled the front, so I know what's inside without needing to stop, open it and have a look. Grab & go - straight from my cupboard to my car!

I'll be driving to Sydney tomorrow for the Working Mums Masterclass Christmas Event and I'm really looking forward to listening some new music and podcasts on my iPod instead of my old CDs from the 90's!

...ok, I'll be taking the CDs too just in case, I still love Robbie Williams & S Club 7 songs ;)

What do you have that's 'Grab & Go' at your house?


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  1. Now that Ella is 15 months, I don't carry a nappy bag. I have a men's toiletry bag that neatly holds a travel wiped case, a couple of nappies, some nappy sacks, a disposable change mat (because it's thin) and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. If I'm going out with Ella, I grab it as I go - it sits next to my handbag and fits inside it if I'll be out and about.