Monday, November 26, 2012

The Easy Way: How to work at home with kids

Welcome to this week's Easy Way video!

Big thanks to Tory, Nicola and the other ladies who have asked this week's question:

"How do I get work or study done when the kids are home with me?"

Click below to watch the video:

And a couple of printable presents for you!

Here's a run down of my day at home with the girls - including times when I fit work in:

Our Family Routine

And here's a blank copy of the daily routine printable for you to use at your house:

Family Routine Printable

Want more tips and techniques for busy mums? Check out the Make Life Easy workshop - the next round starts January 7, 2013.


P.S. If this week's Easy Way answer helped you out and you know someone else who would benefit from watching this video, share it with them & make their day :)

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