Beautifully Organised: 2013 Diary round up - my favourites

Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 Diary round up - my favourites

Lots of people are asking which diary I'll use in 2013 - it's been a hot topic ever since I blogged about this year's choice - the erin condren life planner 2012.

I loved my diary this year! It was pretty to look at, simple to use, had lots of great extras and was easy to carry with me )

For 2013 I'm thinking of trying a new brand - I tend to switch every year and I'm always excited to see what's out there. Most of my favourite brands have great options again this year, so I thought I would show them to you!

Here are my favourite diaries for 2013:
Typo A6 Spiral Diary $5.57
Erin Condren Life Planner $50 USD

Tinyme Personalised Diary $29.95

Frankie Diary 2013 $34.95

Frankie Diary 2013 (inside Lists page) $34.95

Kikki K Weekly Cute Diary (small) $24.95

All of those are gorgeous, but for my 2013 diary, the winner is...

Inner-B Mum Organiser 2013 $44.95

This diary has taken the blog world by storm over the last few months and has already sold out in 3 colours! 

For me, this won for a few reasons:
  • The beautiful colour - I love the orange and when I'm reaching into my handbag to get it, I'll see it at a glance
  • It has the buckle to hold it closed - nothing will fall out!
  • It has a 20 page notepad inside - I'm a serial note taker at events, meetings & life in general
  • It has pockets for reciepts and paperwork - love this as I hate papers loose in my handbag
  • It has calendars for 2012, 2013 and 2014 - I'll be a super organised Mum!
It just got delivered today and I'm so excited to share it with you - I just need the Husband's ok because it's a birthday present and my birthday's not till the end of January!

So help me convince Ben to let me open it early - comment below if you want to see what it's like inside :)



This post isn't sponsored, and the Inner-B diary was purchased by Ben.

I've decided to work with Inner-B as an affiliate, which means whenever I show you a product from Inner-B and you buy it through my link, I get a small commission. I'll probably use it to buy more planning products ;)

If you prefer to buy without sending a commission my way, you can also get it by Goggling Inner-B and clicking on the product you want. I won't take it personally, and we'll still be friends :)


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  2. I really liked Kikki K's diary, but you should take a look at the Life Diary, perhaps not for you, but for one of your kids, check it out - My Life Story Diary. I bought one for my little sister and everyone thinks it's the most original diary ever :-)

  3. Thank you Marissa, I didn't have a clue what to get on the personal side ( I use my Samsung Galaxy Note for work). Thank you for solving my problem. I'm loving the yellow, so it's going on order this evening....after I finish all my cooking xx

  4. Thanks Marissa. Know I can always rely on you to road test the diaries for me. Cheers Rachel Prest