Beautifully Organised: Declutter your house the easy way for Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Declutter your house the easy way for Christmas

It’s that time of year - a week before Christmas :)

It’s a big week, with school finishing for the year, Christmas parties to go to, last minute shopping, and getting the house ready for visitors, all taking up your spare time.

It’s also the time of year parents start thinking (and panicking!) about all the new stuff that will be coming into the house. Christmas is a beautiful time of year, a time for friends and family, a time for giving - and in most households, all that giving means lots of new toys, gadgets & other presents.. and nowhere to put them all!

This year, think about avoiding that extra stress by freeing your home of all the extras you don’t need. No doubt you’ll be needing some extra space in almost every room of the house, so why not do some decluttering!

It’s a lot easier than you think! Just keep it simple - pick a couple of rooms each day over the next week, spend 20 minutes in each room with a big rubbish bag grabbing everything you see that’s worn out, broken or missing pieces - and throw it away.

Even throwing it all away doesn't have to be complicated - these days you can order skip bins online - including skip bags, which in most cases you don’t need to pay council fees for. They even take care of recycling and shredding which will make your job way easier.

What if I have trouble throwing things away? Good point. It’s not always easy to let things go, but remember to keep it as simple as possible - if it’s worn out, broken or missing pieces, it’s most likely not being used or valued anyway. It’s become clutter, and it’s taking up space that you’ll be needing a week from now.

Once you've cleared out the rubbish, you’re free to do another lap of the house and put things aside to donate! If you’d like some tips on how to part with your belongings easily when donating, let me know in the comments below and I’ll put a handy How To post together for you.




  1. You know I have been thinking about doing a bit of a clear out. I have a friend who gets her kids to put a box together of things they are willing to let go before the new load arrives. They then put it out the front with a sign saying 'Free to A New Home - Merry Christmas'. Great idea!!

  2. Ordering a skip is a good idea. We've done it a few times over the years. Now, though, we have a service from the council that picks up household rubbish twice a year at no charge. So we take advantage of that and do a big clean up bi-annually.

  3. I did a post on a similar topic...

    My son is getting some big dinosaurs for xmas so we cleaned out his room, donated toys and get rid of some clutter. I also cleaned out the entertainment unit in the lounge room and now we have a "cave" big enough for him to store his new toys which means no stress after christmas when all I want to do is nap :P

  4. Such a great idea. I SO need to do this.

  5. I desperately need to go through my 6 year old's room with a garbage bag or two. It's amazing how well he remembers his toys though...

  6. Dorothy I have the same problem... I pack up a bunch of toys to donate or pass on to playgroup and two days later, even if the kids haven't touched it for six months, you can guarantee I'll hear 'mummy where's my....' - without fail! But I just have to be brave and push my sentimental side down a bit and recognise that it's just 'stuff' and I'm doing good for them and for others when I do a clear out to the Salvos!
    Great post Marissa - operation pre-christmas de-clutter starts tonight!

  7. I did a MASSIVE cleanout a month or so ago, big donations to the charity second hand store, but we also had a LOT of crap that was just meant for the tip. Not sure if we can get a skip bin to little ole Cranbrook WA??? Would have been uber handy! We have used one before and they are awesome for everything - even old crappy furniture - its beating your neighbours to it thats hard :)