Beautifully Organised: It's back! Join the Neat and Tidy challenge

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's back! Join the Neat and Tidy challenge

Did you take part in the Neat and Tidy challenge last year?

Neat and Tidy is a month by month organising challenge designed to get your house in order without being overwhelming. Perfect for people who want a tidy, organised home but don't know where to start and haven't got a lot of spare time.

We're kicking off a new round this month and I'd love you to join in!

Imagine how good it will feel to find things easily and tidy your home quickly. You'll save money with less accidental double purchases. You'll feel more calm and peaceful living in a home that's well ordered. You can spend less time on housework and have more time for yourself & your family!

Here's how it works: We focus on organising 1 room in your house each month. For each room, I give you a free printable checklist to keep you on track with your tidying - just fill out the blank spots, follow the steps and your room will be neat & tidy in no time.

We're also adding some social media fun this year! 
Share your before & after photos each month using the hashtag #neatandtidychallenge on Twitter and Instagram :)

Want to join in on the challenge? It's FREE - just sign up below to receive your email prompt and checklist each month.


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  1. The thought of my bed side table brings on a silly smile. I have the most bizarre things in there ~ it's one of those places where precious, dangerous or items where there is confusion about the true owner (kids)land - it deserves to be my oasis!