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Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner Review & Giveaway

You may already be familiar with my obsession with robot vacuum cleaners :)

I’ve been a fan of the idea ever since I first heard about them last year! They vacuum your floors while you:

  • get on with other housework
  • go out and about running errands
  • head off to work for the day
  • play Lego with the kids,
  • or even sit back with a cold drink and a magazine and watch them do their thing ;)

What an awesome idea! It completely fits with my ‘Make Life Easy’ motherhood mission. It’s been on my wishlist for ages, so I was thrilled when I was asked to try one out and review it!

I’ve had a lot of questions come in since I first started talking about robotic cleaners, the most popular being:

  • Do they work as well as they seem to in the ads?
  • How noisy are they?
  • Can they take care or cat or dog hair?
  • Do you think the kids would be scared of it?
Well, I’ve been using the Neato for a couple of weeks now, and I can answer these questions for you!

Have a look at what it’s like in real life - I filmed it in action this week, and it answers all of those questions for you! Plus Sophie and Georgia make cameo appearances ;)

So how well does it work? The Neato works really, really well. I LOVE it, and I certainly won’t ever go back to vacuuming the ‘old way’.

It has no problem picking up dirt, hair, dust - basically anything! The only thing I wouldn’t try is vacuuming Play Dough - but I think we all know once Play Dough gets into the carpet, nothing gets it out - you have to move ;)

How noisy is it? Exactly the same as every other vacuum cleaner I’ve used. I didn’t notice a difference.

Can it take care of dog and cat hair? Well, we haven’t got pets, but judging by how well it picked up the hair from the 3 girls in our house, I would say yes. And when I looked at the Neato website it says it's specifically designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers, so I was impressed with that!

Do the kids get scared of it? Nope, we haven’t had a single problem and our kids are aged 1 and 3 years. If anything, they’re excited and amazed by it. I found my girls were happy to be in the same room when it was on, and when we let it just go through the whole house they just walk around it and keep playing. The only thing I found was they didn’t want to turn it on themselves (which I’m fine with as it means they’re less likely to swtich it on and off while I’m not looking!).

Other features I love about the Neato:

  • When it’s battery runs low, it takes itself back to its dock to recharge
  • You can schedule it to run daily, every other day, or 3 times a week
  • It’s bagless and easy to empty - you just take out the compartment so you don’t even have to pick up the whole machine
  • It does all the different types of floors in our home - carpets, floor boards, kitchen tile, and our shaggy rug
  • It goes through the room systematically, not just at random. So I know when it’s done, it really has covered the whole room. That’s a huge feature for me because I don’t have to waste time checking the floors for missed spots - it covers the whole space intelligently.

Want one for your house? You can buy a Neato right now at David Jones!


You enter my giveaway for a chance to win one for FREE!

To enter, just share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter:

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..and then leave a comment below telling me how you think owning a Neato will make your life easier!

Entries close at midnight (Sydney time), Monday April 1, 2013, and I'll announce the winner via email, on the blog and in the Beautifully Organised weekly newsletter a couple of days later.

Don't forget the fine print:

  • Prize to be shipped within Australia
  • It's a game of skill so I'm looking for answers that are thoughtful or creative and relevant to your personal situation!
  • Make sure you leave me a way to get in contact with you so I can let you know if you win! Email address, Twitter / FB details, etc. Post your contact method here in comments or email it privately to me at

Good Luck!

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I received a complimentary Neato to review for this post. No payment has been made for this article and all opinions are my own.

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  1. How would this make my life easier? More time to play with my 3yo & less time to nag hubby about doing the vaccuming. I hate vaccuming with a serious passion and anything that can do a job for me - AWESOME
    Have emailed contact details :)

  2. With 2 beautiful little girls (and hopefully a 3rd little person joining our family sooner rather than later), a gorgeous but hairy dog and a spunky husband who owns and drives heavy machinery for a living I feel like I need to vacuum daily or else it is like living in a sandpit/hair salon. Imagine being able to do other things while the vacuum did its thing - pure bliss I think :-)

  3. Let's just say I am not exactly the queen of housework - the exact opposite actually! I work a lot, so having one of these amazing little guys would improve the look (and cleanliness) of my house incredibly :)

  4. My husband and I both suffer dreadfully with dust mite allergies with me on antihistamines daily. I'm responsible for vacuuming which is always a catch 22 situation - we need to get rid of dust but vacuuming stirs it up! By winning this product we'd be lucky enough to use it in a room we're not using, avoid the dust and hopefully cut down on the antihistamines!

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  5. Two large dogs, Two cats all who rule the house!!! fulltime worker and expecting first baby in July to be able to set and forget the vacuum would be amazing :) Not to mention dream come true

  6. Loving the idea of being able to vacuum while I spend time with little miss 3yo + 1 due in Aug. Especially being that Miss 3 is freaked out by the vacuum so I can't do it while she is in the house. Maybe a Neato would seem more like a toy to her so we could keep the house relatively clean underfoot. . . maybe :-)
    (I tweeted as LovingLunches)

  7. 2 kids and a renovation, need I say more? I mop and vacuum every night. To save time, I was seriously thinking of getting of of these baby mops...
    ... but the Neato is probably more socially acceptable ;)
    Thanks Marissa!

  8. I have one of these. Have had it for 12 months. Best money I ever spent. I run it daily usually starting it as I leave the house for the day. When my older kids clean the kitchen at night they run it in the kitchen. When my baby eats in the high chair it can run around underneath her and catch the crumbs. And when she wants to play in her walker she will spend ages chasing it around the house. It fits under my furniture, under my beds, does in the walk in wardrobes.

  9. When I first thought of my answer to this question I immediately thought "Wow, if I won one of these I'd have so much time up my sleeve and some extra time in bed would be great!" Then I realised not only is that incredibly selfish but a waste of valuable time. After all, some philosopher once said “Life is short, play hard,” and I'd have an extra hour to "play hard!"
    That got me to thinking "playing hard" might not be good for my health and as another philosopher said, “Life is short, but you have to live with yourself a long time afterward.”
    So in the interest of living a moral and healthy life I have decided if I won this vacuum my bad back would benefit but I'd also have extra time which I would spend with my family and especially my parents who I owe so much to!

  10. It took me about 50,000 visits to Harvey Norman before i took the plunge and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Then it took me over a year to justify buying myself an Enjo floorcleaner. And i'm glad i did - they both work fantastically for me... but they don't DO it for me! I've been drooling over these puppies for about 6 months now, so it must be time to WIN one to add to my cleaning collection! I thought they were just a gimmick at first, but everyone i know that has them LOVES them. Maybe i need someone to send me one to trial.... hmmmm Marissa??? ;)

  11. As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    The house can get messy, is it any wonder?!
    The sound of this Neato gives me thrills
    Something other than me to remove spills?!
    I love how it systematically cleans everywhere
    Unlike when hubby vacuums, he just doesn't care!
    Knowing that the floors can get clean whilst I'm out
    Is by far my favourite feature, no doubt!
    I'd come home from a busy day to a welcome surprise
    All my dreams would come true if I were to win this great prize!!!

    (Email is Thankyou for the opportunity!!)

  12. Have you seen how far glitter goes when you do art & craft with the kids?. I'm still finding sparkling little specks a week later. With Neato taking care of the glitter I'll have time to make more Easter and Birthday cards with the kids.

    (Email is )

  13. Well, I don't have any kids and so if the vacuum cleaner is for myself my reasons can't compare to those who wrote before me. However if I do win this, it will be for my mum. She's quite anal about cleaning, to the point that she will get down on her knees with a cloth and wipe the floor - she doesn't believe a normal mop will do the job. We have a two storey house, and the constant cleaning is taking a strain on her back and hands.

    We all try to convince her that the house is clean as it is, but she won't listen. If I do win the robot vacuum, hopefully she could just set the robot to clean daily (or even hourly if she's that worried) and be satisfied with the result.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. have tweeted and shared on facebook :)
    Neato will make my life easier, no more bending down and getting in nooks and crannies.
    I wish everything was as simple!!

  16. With 3 young boys in the house this could really make my life easier. I can only imagine the fantastic feeling it would give me, to come home to floors that have been vacuumed and I didn't have to do it.

  17. A Neato would make cleaning my floors easy,
    We have 7 kids here and 2 cats, you see,
    I'm pregnant as well,
    And my back's gone to hell,
    I could start it up and put up my feet!

    I tweeted
    My email is available via my Google profile :)
    Thanks! :)

  18. Well, I can't rhyme, I'm not musical and I don't have a personal facebook page. But I have shared the link on the Think BIG. Start small. page and all I can say is - I'M DESPERATE! You know how much I love any appliance that saves me time and gives me more opportunities to spend time with my kids. Being overwhelmed with too many things on my plate right now, this awesome little thing would take away one of the many things that do my head in - you'd be saving my sanity!!!!

  19. I'm too busy to comment. Our current vacuum cleaner went to vacuum heaven after five years of solid service, so I'm currently picking half-chewed sultana's out of the carpet by hand. Please save me from this special level of hell.

  20. it would make life easy and pain free for me as i can only vacume every now and then i have a spin condition that is getting worse as i get older and to vacume is to put me in so muchpain and my neck it feels like it will snap so the kids do it i say with a big laugh they try so hard god bless them my mum and my sisters drop over and help with things like this so this would make life easier for all of us even people that dont live here and it would make life more simple of course

  21. i have shared on twitter
    jody jamieson

  22. i shared on facebook

  23. now I finally have 2 days to myself with the youngest at Kindy, the last thing I want to do is homework, I could leave this home alone and hit all those shops I've missed out on over the years!
    shared on Twitter @narellerock
    shared on Facebook Narelle Rock

  24. Shared on facebook and twitter!

  25. Shared on Facebook and Twitter @helga2209
    Due to a hip problem I can't do the vacuuming myself. So I always have to wait until my husband can't stand the fluffs flying around any longer and does the cleaning for me. But of course he has got better things to do :)

  26. I can just sit and relax while the vacuum does my job for me :)

  27. Dust? What dust? I look forward to being able to say this to my mother following using NEATO for a while-haha! sharing etc Bethany

  28. Having a Neato in my life will keep my place neat indeed, I could finally do my yoga on my nice plush carpet after Neato's done its job.

  29. I have three boys that love their crackers.
    The crumbs they leave behind drive me bonkers!
    Having a Neato would change my life.
    The boys also wouldn't get into strife!
    More quality time for lego, crafts or reading.
    Or making cupcakes, the little one is pleading!
    Another great feature for our little home is the size.
    No storage space needed, it really is the ultimate prize!

  30. I hate vacuuming but I love clean floors. Do you think it could also mow my lawns? Any help around the house is always appreciated.

  31. Wow, I could literally take the kids to school, come home and the floors could be clean of all the cereal dust and dirt from the 'getting to school' mess! How amazing - I could use the time not cleaning floors into baking healthy treats for school lunches or more likey - cosied up on the lounge with a good book!

    Shared on FB Angie Boylan

  32. #1 My son has an allergy to dust mites (amongst other things)this sounds awesome for him!
    #2 A few weeks ago I tripped over our bulky vacuum and badly bruised my foot and broke a toe!
    This would be an awesome addition to our house hold!

  33. I have shared on FB too :-)

  34. I have dark carpet (almost black) my life would be better if I didn't have to vacuume 3 times a day.

  35. Shared on twitter under username ditzyg85 :)

  36. I could write down 1000 reasons and tales of woe,
    But the basic answer is - My socks all have holes and I can't stand the crumbs on my toes.
    New socks would be the perfect answer but I'd go through a thousand pairs.
    My children are walking cookies - they leave crumbs everywhere!
    Can the Neato Robotic Vaccuum Cleaner be mine?
    It will help me to save money and time.
    And then un-holey socks can be mine!

  37. My six month old is just starting to crawl, this would save me from having to drag out the vacuum very day so that when I pick him up he isn't covered in crumbs,sand and hair!

  38. With 2 boys aged 6 & 4 who spread dirt from one end of the house to the other and the husband on top of that my floors need constant attention. Then there is also the fact I am 7 mnths pregnant with baby number 3. It is becoming more and more difficult to find the time and also the energy to vacuum everyday.
    This would be a dream for me and save me wasting so much time on the floors and the extra pressure on my swollen feet.

    (Shared on facebook with personal account *Kell Kelly* - & tagged you)

  39. With two kids the floor under the kitchen table needs sweeping after every meal. Having a Neato would save me time by doing the work for me!

  40. I’d really love a Neato to clean our happy home,
    So I thought I’d tell you why in a nifty little poem.
    My 5 year old loves crafts and cutting paper into bits,
    But having it strewn across the floors really is the pits.
    My 3 year old loves sand play and all things found outdoors,
    I only wish it didn’t have to end up on my floors.
    My 1 year old loves crackers, and munches without a care,
    Dropping crumbs and giggling as they fall beneath her chair.
    If only my husband’s job did not require him to travel,
    My plans for time to clean the house might not just unravel.
    Add to these a renovation which leaves us with constant dust,
    I think that a helping hand truly is a must.
    Now that you know my story, I hope that you can see,
    The one who needs a Neato, is definitely me!

  41. I need one as I am busy with helping out at school, kids, soccer, swimming and gymnastics. A domestic goddess I am not.

  42. I really dont enjoy vacumning at the best of times so i could spend more time with my beautiful family instead of vacumning floors would be awesome to win.

  43. I really dont enjoy vacumning at the best of times so i could spend more time with my beautiful family instead of vacimning floors would be awesome to win.
    shared on facebook

  44. This would make my life beyond easy. Even though I am fortunate enough to work from home, by the time I do kids breakfast, get them to school, come home start work, pick them up, work some more, run them to activities and then work some more, I generally don't get much housework done through the week. My husband is our cook of a night, as I am usually still working, and will often be our cleaner through the week and on a weekend too. I hate that it falls to him as he has quite a demanding job being a fitter, and can often get called back into work as well, meaning we often have housework piling up and feeling like it is a completely overwhelming task for both of us when it doesn't have to be. He quite often will do a quick vacuum when he gets home, before he starts dinner, which can be quite annoying for me!!! I am a medical typist, so while he is vacuuming, I actually can't even hear my work. To have a job that I could take off him like this, which could be done through the day without me having to physically do it, when I don't have the spare time anyway, would be a huge weight off both our shoulders. I love and appreciate all he does for us to help our family work as a little unit, but weekends getting taken up by housework nearly every week, means very little family time together and with the kids getting older, I keep realising how quickly we are running out of time to make these moments count even more. This would mean so much to our family and would make me wife of the year I am sure!

  45. Owning a Neato would improve my relationship my my step daughter. Her most hated chore is vacumming and it would give me best stepmum points (Sometimes over the vacumming I verge on evil stepmum) Plus I detest vacumming!

  46. At the moment, I'm doing my masters in teaching, a diploma of library studies, working full time and volunteering on the weekends... I think my vaacuum cleaner must be around somewhere - but I couldn't find it for the life of me!

    (I've tweeted and my email is kasey ball@ live [just take out the spaces])

  47. Well my current vacuum cleaner is about to die and since having a newborn 5 weeks ago as well as look after a toddler, anything that will help me keep the floors looking pristine while I breastfeed and/or entertain my toddler would be a godsend. I have a dog who sheds hair everywhere so the Neato would give this mum some sanity and one less chore to do around the house! Shared via Twitter as @ThePlumbette




  49. It would be such a treat to be able to come home to clean floors instead of floors that I need to clean for a change!

  50. What mum DOESN'T need a Neato?? I'm just one of the masses who's sick of the messes & would love a little robotic help!! Shared on Twitter & FB. Great giveaway! (

  51. The Neato would save my back for sure,
    And let me do nice stuff instead of chores.

  52. My baby is crawling, my boys are revolting (in all senses of the word)and the floor keeps getting FILTHY! I dream of robotic vacuum cleaners, having one would free up my dreams for other things.. ooh the possibilities!

  53. I don't think i know this would make my life sooooooo much easier i vacuum everyday with 4 kids, 2 cats and a less than housework happy hubby i would do backflips of joy for a Neato!Getting my other chores done whilst this little beauty does its job would make my home happiness complete-o.

  54. WOW, this time saving device would be able to independently clean my floors and especially my long brown hair, that i am constantly finding. This would make my husband extremely happy

  55. A Neato Robotic Vacuum
    would be perfect for this clean freak
    so much easier than dragging the big upright around
    great for cleaning under furniture which I currently have to move
    its intelligent and bagless so the perfect cleaner without paying fees

  56. What a treato it would be to win a neato,
    In a jiffy my house would be so clean,
    I could spend the extra time with my kids so they dont think i am mean.

  57. The vacuum will pick up where the husband left off :)

  58. If i was to win the Neato it would be a huge help we have a 3 week old baby girl and I'm finding it really hard to get into a routine with my other two children and a new born It would be one less thing to worry about just set and forget the floors are spotless :-)

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  59. Time poor,
    No clean floor!
    A Neato Robotics to help me clean,
    Would make my life easy, with all it can glean!

  60. I have resorted to mopping an un-vacuumed floor because if I wait until I vacuum the floor doesn't get mopped and if I do vacuum by the time I get the mop out there is always something else to vacuum again. Oh my, it would be nice to get both done at the same time and still have time to play with Master's 4 & 2 and Miss 5 months.

  61. Having a smaller house you would think it was easier to keep clean, but think again. With 4 super active kids, 3 of them boys that spend a lot of time in the dirt and mud i end up spening a lot of time trying to keep clean.
    And my baby girl hates the vac, so it makes it hard to use it when she is screaming and when she is in bed then the noise wakes her and she is upset again..

    This would allow me to take her outside to play, or take the kids to school while my floors get clean. What woman doesnt like things that help her multitask.

    Thanks Marrisa and your beautiful girls.

  62. I don't have kids at home anymore, I don't have animals to look after. I live by myself in a large home as my husband has recently passed away. I get tired of cleaning and would love the extra time to enjoy other things in life now. I'm sure the Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner would help.(

  63. Mum of two with bubs wanting me,
    How to do housework with her sitting on my knee.
    Make it a game make it fun,
    Make it a ride even bubs will want one.
    A team activity lets all enjoy,
    Shh please don't tell them its not a toy.
    Whilst watching the Neato get right to work,
    I can play with the kids who generally drive me berserk .
    Make my life Easter this really is neat,
    I can see myself door knocking cleaning the whole street

  64. With 3 little minis, and another on the way. This would surely make my day. It would swift and sway away all day, making short work of crumbs and mess, collecting it all so I can rest.

    This would be a fab addition.

    Shared on Twitter - 3minismumma

  65. 3 kids, one cat, one husband. I sweep twice a day and that isnt the best option but I dont have a vacuum. To have one that does it itself is a little modern miracle!

  66. My days often disappear
    In the mania that does appear
    In our house of crazy bedlam,
    Time is short, housework crammed
    Into spare moments, late at night
    When all three children are out of sight.

    Where my son is busy
    My girls are calm.
    Opposite ends of the activity 'funny farm'
    That is our household, glory be
    If people could hear our noise, they'd flee.

    A Neato really would save the day
    Keep the insanity at bay
    Too many roles I have to play
    With a child with learning needs, nerves do fray.

    So please send a Neato that we can depend
    On for cleaning - a new best friend
    Mum needs some time to relax
    Maybe the Neato could make coffee and snacks.

    Rachel Kriss-Newell (

    I have shared this giveaway on facebook

  67. One of my pet hates is vacuuming... it doesn't do my back any good, especially after 2 pregnancies have ruined it... but with 2 young children running around, daily vacuuming is a must.. add that the cat hair that seems to be just everywhere and it is a daily task I would love to live without.. I could spend the afternoon sitting with my girls, reading books and playing games instead.. any more valuable time I get with them is just devine..

  68. sorry forgot my contact details..
    shared on Twitter - KimFeatherston5

    shared on Facebook - Kim Featherstone

    my email is

  69. I have a casual job, but my housework doesn't! We have a 50/50 arrangement for our kidlets but the dust doesn't! My partner works varying starting and finishing times but the rabbit fur doesn't shed accordingly! Asthma and allergies should get Employee of the Week!!! Thanks for the chance, Caz :) PS. I have emailed you with my contact details :)

  70. Never liked the vacuum cleaner, in fact it really sux.
    But with Neato Robotics vacuum cleaner, I may as well be dux.
    I'd use it on my carpets, and on the wooden floors,
    so smart it picks up all the dirt, even behind the doors.
    It maybe a maze to clean my house, but spick and span you'll see,
    that with a Neato vacuum cleaner I'll still have time for me.

    Shared on twitter

  71. With two rescue dogs running around,
    It’s hard to keep a clean home.
    A constant trail of hair on the ground,
    They like to romp and roam!

    In the constant battle against dirt and dust,
    I’m at a loss.
    A Neato is a definite must,
    To become the cleaning boss!

  72. Introducing Casa de Messo !!!

    BIG DADDY can shed hair faster than I can scan a credit-card at a shoe sale;
    BIG DADDY's expertise and experience in Dandruff, Detritus and Debris.
    SHAWN and SHANE, 2 teenage twin boys who can eat and fight for Australia , if only spreading cookie crumbs the furthest were a sport!
    "Princess" Marylynda, going through a Glitter "faze" (thinks she's Tinkerbell!) sprinkles stardust where ever she goes and loves her new paper-punch thingie so much no paper product is safe;
    Grumpy Grandpa, loves his fishing, brings back "samples" of his fabulous adventures often....well scales attached to his clothing...
    Mum, she sweeps, she vacs, she's exhausted, she's over it, she's considering turning Hippie and retreating from society (Help!!)
    MUM's search for existentialism, the perfect vacuum cleaner (maybe a Neato!! that'd be neat!!), and a totally calorie-free Chocolate cake!

    And we cant forget Bubby , he loves to count... One little chippie, Twoooo little chippies, AHAA!!! dis bag is empty AHHHhh!!!... it only has teeny bits of crumbs left in da bottom AHAAAAA HAAAA I LUUUUUUUUUUV TOOOOOOOOO CHIPPIES!!!!!!

    ..Shaggyasorus...... need I say more???

  73. Flossyfewclothes has shared via facebook 8-)

  74. If I owned a Neato it would change my life,
    And make me happy to be a mother and a wife,
    spending less time on mundane chores,
    leaving only the washing and mopping the floors.
    I would love to have time to be just me,
    so I'd have more time to go out and see,
    my family and friends and even the beach,
    as long as the Neato is within reach.
    So be nice be kind and give this girl a break,
    and be a saviour for my depleting mind sake,
    even just to read a book for an hour,
    while the Neato cleans with all its power.

    My twitter account is Fe Roza

  75. This prize would be so grand,
    Dirt on the floor I can't stand.
    Miss 4 loves to eat,
    Standing around and never in her seat.
    Crumbs and dirt all over my kitchen floor,
    Oh no it's my mother in-law at the door!
    Did you sweep today she ask's?
    Of course I did! She rolls her eyes at my remark!
    Neato Robotics cleaner would be my hero,
    No dirt on my floor and the dust would be zero!

  76. Sometimes, getting ready to vacuum (picking things up off the floor, moving smaller furniture items, etc) sucks all the energy out of me, so I don't actually vacuum! Then later, when I feel like I have the energy to vacuum, I look around, and buckets of toys and piles of shoes have exploded onto my clear floor!
    But the combination of my efforts with the cleverness of the Neato could change that, resulting in floors that are both clear and clean!

    :) Lauren.

  77. Two young kids. Finding time when both are awake, I have time AND I've cleared the floors of toys in advance means its quite a juggle to find the right time to vacuum.

    This would be a fabulous solution. It could run on a schedule when we are all asleep even and we could start each day afresh with clean floors. How nice is that (said my inner housewife)

    I'll email you my contact details. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  78. It would just do it's thing, leaving me to do more important things - like baking, and then clean up any flour that gets dropped to boot!

  79. For the first time in nearly five years I may actually be able to walk barefoot around our home without feeling sand or crumbs between my toes, YAY!!! With three kids aged four years and under it seems no matter how often I vacuum the floor it NEVER EVER feels clean!

    We'd sure put this awesome little gadget to the test at our place, I think the biggest challenge would be the GLITTER! How on earth does glitter show up absolutely everywhere for such a long time after using it? One of life's little mysteries I guess... :D

    (Email: Have shared the giveaway on Facebook and 'Tweeted': :)

  80. Damn it Im late. lol good luck to all these people.

  81. Am I too late? A Neato would be neat-o :p I could do away with the daily sweeping of the kitchen and dining area, and brunette hair on white tiles and crafting bits would get sucked up by him instead of me:D. Baby in October and crawling again means having cleaner floors would be a dream. These things are very cool. Shared on Twitter and you have my deets I believe :).

  82. Shared on Twitter and Facebook again

  83. And the winner is..... Amy@MyLifeasaCake! You poor thing with your sultanas, your comment made me laugh and feel bad at the same time! Have a look in your email inbox for a note from me :)