Beautifully Organised: The free online class that will get your washing sorted

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The free online class that will get your washing sorted

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I'm hosting a free online class this Thursday night at 8pm Sydney time! It's called 

Laundry Secrets: How To Keep Your Washing Basket From Overflowing

and I'd love you to come along! It runs for an hour and all you need is a computer /iPhone / iPad,  internet connection and Skype (so you can dial in for free).

If you're sick of looking at an overflowing washing basket, you'll get a lot of value from this class. I'll show you all the tips & tricks you need to conquer your laundry and find more time for YOU.
In this training class, you’ll learn:
  • How to stop ‘washing basket overflow’ once and for all
  • Easy ways to deal with the clean stuff without feeling like you’re stuck in a time loop – iron, fold, put away.. iron, fold, put away… iron, fold, put away…STOP!
  • The top 5 laundry tools no Mum should live without (if you don’t have them, go on strike until you get them!)
.. PLUS the sneaky little laundry tricks I use when no one’s looking ;)

What if I can't make it?  No problem. I'm recording it and sending a copy to everyone via email afterwards so you won't miss out.

Register now and get your FREE ‘Laundry Secrets’ printable pack! Click here to register now or to find out more.

Looking forward to it!



  1. Loved the online class, great tips and I loved that I could listen and keep doing the washing up and cleaning of the kitchen. Am going to hit Big W tomorrow for a few purchases! Thanks x

    1. Thank you! I had a ball, can't wait for the next one. Great idea doing the washing up and the kitchen while listening!