3 simple steps to get you past overwhelm & declutter your home

Today's post is for anyone who is currently trying to declutter / clear out / tidy their home and can't get started.

  • You may be looking around your house, feeling totally overwhelmed, wanting a neat & tidy space but just can't figure out where to begin.
  • You may be motivated to get started but the job just seems too BIG.
  • You may only have a few minutes and think that's not enough time to accomplish anything.

If that sounds like you, read on - I have 3 steps that will take you from overwhelm to action and give you some clear space today, along with answers to some questions I get asked regularly by my clients.

1. Pick ONE part of your home. Just one. Pick either the part of the house that frustrates you the most, or the part of the house you love to be in the most - and make a conscious decision that this is the space you'll declutter today.

2. Take a step back and look at that area as a whole. While you're doing that, take a full minute to think about what you'll be using this space for when it's clear. Picture it as clearly as possible - what will you do when you're in here? What does that look like? Think of how good you'll feel and let yourself feel that way right now.

3. Begin. Focus on one part and start there. Pick up one thing and put it where it belongs. A plate, a shoe, a toy, a magazine. Then pick up the next thing and put it where it belongs. Continue. It sounds almost too easy - but this close up focus is what takes away the overwhelm, breaks the task into manageable steps and gets you motivated to clar and organise your space.

Real Life Questions From Clients:

What if you're not sure where something belongs? Then it's time to decide if you really need to keep it. Here's a tip from my simple decluttering post:

If you can't live without it, decide where it will live and put it there. Just go with your intuition - it's the act of making the decision to put it in an assigned home that will give you the result, not whether you find the perfect place for it.

If you don't know whether to keep it or not, put it in a box with a lid on it (one you can't see through). Write the date 6 months from now on a post it and stick it on the box - then put the box somewhere you won't see it easily (in a cupboard, or in the garage). If you don't open the box in 6 months, it's safe to say you don't need what's inside - so donate the box without opening it again.

What if I don't have time to do the whole room? Break it down further. Only have a spare 20 minutes? Set your phone or oven timer, pick one corner of that space and start there. Keep going for that 20 minutes, then stop. Come back tomorrow when you have another 20 minutes. But make a conscious decision that nothing else enters the space in the meantime. Bit by bit, step by step - that's how you organise without overwhelm.

What if my family mess it up again while I'm working on it? Now is the time to sit down with your family and explain how important this is to you. How you feel right now with your home the way it is, how you'd like to feel instead, and how you're going to get there. Tell them you love them and appreciate that they'll support you, help you, or just let you be while you do this.

If you have questions, I'd love to answer them for you. Comment below or click the contact box at the bottom right of this page to chat with me personally - I'd love to help xx

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