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Monday, April 15, 2013

What do you really need in a home office? ..My office space

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I used to dream about having my own space just for running Beautifully Organised - a pretty office all to myself that I could use for blogging, doing the books, paying bills, talking with clients, storing supplies and just getting things done for the business.

I'm SO in love with this home office Sonia has at Life, Love & Hiccups:

Check out Sonia's home office in more detail here
But for me, it wasn't meant to be.. Our house is beautiful and cosy, but we only have 3 bedrooms - one for the Husband and I, one for Sophie and one for Georgia. No room leftover for dedicated office space.

There are a few ways to fit office space in but they weren't going to work for me. I knew I could have the girls share a room and free up a room for my office, but I love that they each have their own space and didn't really want to take that away from them. I did try putting a computer desk in their play area at the back of the house, but it it was right outside Sophie's room so getting work done in the evening meant tip toeing around, and it meant I couldn't chat with Ben while I worked as he'd be in the lounge room and I'd be working out the back.

So after thinking about it for a while, I decided to try setting up a simple space in the lounge room. Something that was easy to get to, easy to keep tidy and didn't take away from the comfortable, family feel of the room. Plus, I could work and still hang out with the family at the same time :)

Here's what we came up with!

As you can see, I'm an awesome organiser... but not the best photographer ;)
I LOVE it because:
  • It's clean and uncluttered - so it doesn't take away from the comfortable, family feel of the lounge room
  • It's in a part of the house I use all the time - so I can quickly sit down and work in short bursts throughout the day instead of waiting for the girls to sleep, and then spending hours at the computer 
  • It has everything I need, but it's all hidden so the things I don't use all the time are not getting in the way and making it look untidy
Here are my favourite parts:
  • The desk is small and has one draw to hold our gadgets - Ben calls this our new iDrawer ;)
  • My stationery and other tools are all kept neatly in my 'office in a box'
  • The stools to the side are lightwieght and stackable so I have extra seating options for people when I need it
Here's what I thought I needed but don't after all:
  • A room with a door to close for when clients come by: It turns out, my business runs better when I chat with clients via email, phone or Skype! After all, they're busy mums and often need to chat to me while they're at home with the kids, or at work, so coming to me isn't the best option for them. When I do need to see them in person, it's better if I go to them anyway as I can get a feel for their space and what their organising needs are.
  • A big filing cabinet: Most of my 'paperwork' is online now and stored 'in the cloud' - files, to do lists, invoices, blog posts, newsletter templates, my videos, workshop notes, printables, client files, pictures.. and more! All are securely hosted online now, which frees up tons of room. I don't need a dedicated filing cabinet as I'm not printing out and filing papers anymore (and the ones I had before are held in archives).
  • A cupboard for organising products: Most items I sell now are through affiliate systems - so I don't have to have them in stock. Easy!
  • Space for a printer: Our printer works wirelessly so I don't need space at the computer for it - it's in  a different part of the house where there's plenty or=f space for it. And I rarely print now anyway.
Want to know more? Comment below and let me know if you'd like to find out what I put in my 'office in a box' and why it works!

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  • Images from Life Love and Hiccups posted with permission (thank you Sonia!)
  • 'LOVE your work' image by me!
  • Image of my desk was taken by me :)
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  1. What a great idea! We're house hunting and I thought I needed a big fancy office too.

    1. Thanks Alana! Keep me posted on how the house hunting goes :)

  2. When I had one child we had a 3 bedroom home (one room was office). When I got pregnant again I told hubby we had to get a bigger house, because I wasn't giving up my office. Thankfully, we moved into a 5 bedroom house - and had another child too!. And thankfully, my office is away from all the other bedrooms, and has it's own ensuite as well. We did a complete renovation of my office in January - and I absolutely love it.
    I love how cute and tiny your office is. I'm not organised enough to have an office in my lounge room.

  3. Thank you so much for putting my office in your post Marissa - I am seriously chuffed. I love your set up and the thing I love most about it (apart from the neatness that my anal retentive inner neat freak adores) is the fact you can be amongst it and with your family while you are working. xx

    1. Thanks Sonia! And thank you so much for letting me show off your office here :)

  4. Thanks for the post, it couldn't have come at a better time. We have a 4br house with 3 kids (one is 5 months old). The older kids share a room (obviously hubby & I do, too). We also have our own business, so hubby has 1 room. That leaves 1 room for baby. Before he came along, my studio was in the other room. When he did come along, I down-sized my workspace and supplies, but I'm still in his room. I know it has to change soon, so I'm needing some inspiration! I tried being in with my husband (before we started the business) but that drove us both crazy - he's 6'4 and takes up a lot of room when sitting!

    1. Glad I could help Sandra! Let me know what you come up with for yours xx

  5. My office is in my bedroom. It seemed to work for me as my bedroom was the same size as my living room.
    Can I please ask what affiliate systems you were referring to, as I have a lot of stock and want to know what works for others : )

  6. Oh Marissa you are such a tease! First thing I thought when looking at your office was 'where's the printer'? I was going to ask here but turns out you saved the answer for the end of your post ;-)
    FYI, I'm totally jealous of Sonia's office too. LOVE IT!

  7. Love the sleek white of the office furniture and the darkness of the sofa.

  8. My office is bang in the middle of the house. We have a combined kitchen and massive dining room section, which has our dining table and buffet on one side and three desks and a cupboard (school and party stuff) on the other.
    It works perfectly for us, when the kids are on the computers doing school or gaming - I'm nearby to help or just simply be tuned into what they are up to.
    When their friends come over - they set up laptop city on the dining table.
    I've tried to be strict with office hours, so I spend kid time with the kids - it works well for us, as I share my computer with Mr 16.
    He's a neat freak, so the desk stays clear and and I've recovered our old desk with some funky teal green vinyl, really brightens it up!
    My paperwork goes in a few boxes in a bookcase in my bedroom and I have a 'working basket' that moves with me when I am writing and researching.
    I'm still essentially a pen and paper kinda gal.
    Everyone works differently, I love your set up and have even had my office in my bedroom cupboard in the past.
    Now I am comfortable being on Skype as I have a nice backdrop and it's easy to maintain.

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