Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick and Easy Up Do: the hair donut bun in 2 minutes

Mums, here's a quick & easy up do for those days you want to look great but have NO time..

If you've tried hair donuts before but not had any luck using the roll down method, give this a go - all you need is the donut, 2 elastics and the pins that come in the kit and you're all set.

To dress it up, add a pretty hair accessory and you're out the door in under 5 minutes!

Now for your quick hair tips - comment below and share which hairstyle works best for you when you're in a hurry!

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  1. Simple and easy - YAY! I just wind mine all up, but it doesn't look as finished, just held together with an elastic. Your's looks so much nicer.
    We've tried the sock bun for hollywood style curls at our place. Take a sock, cut off the toe and roll it up, then pull your hair together and wind it through the sock like a pom pom, so it winds and in out of the hole. My hair is quite thick, so I use two and go to bed looking like Princess Leia. Lucky hubby is a Star Wars fan. In the morning, I get dressed, makeup - then flip my head upside down, release my hair and run my fingers through it, stand up straight and va voom! Gorgeous big bouncy curls, with very little time or hassle. Marina:)

  2. Love this - totally going to buy one tomorrow! lol