Beautifully Organised: Get Your Blog Organised So You Can Spend More Time With Family

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get Your Blog Organised So You Can Spend More Time With Family

This post is for you, blogging mums! I want to say a big thank you to my good friend Caylie Price for guest posting this week - Caylie is one of my favourite business gurus and is passionate about helping people find business success through blogging - so I thought it best she be the one to teach you all about organising your blog so have more time to spend with your family :)

Balancing being a parent and a blogger can be a tough gig at times.
Last week was the school holidays. Many families were out and about down the street, at the park and watching Despicable Me 2 at the local cinema.
In the lead up to and post-school holidays you were still working a minimum of part time in the ‘day job’ and trying to grow a business on the side. The hope being that one day the business will allow you to leave your job so you can be more flexible. Wouldn’t it be great to go to the kids’ school athletics carnival? To not feel guilty taking a day off to care for them while they’ve got the dreaded chicken pox?
Blogging can get pushed a long way down the to-do list. In fact it’s probably more like a speck of dust on the mountain of tasks. The thing is blogging is important. It has really helped you bring in new business leads and income. Can you afford to let it fall by the way side?
Here are four quick tips to organise your blogging so you can get back to family and generate leads for the business:
Editorial Calendar
Absolutely top of the list is to have an editorial calendar so that when you get a few minutes to write, they aren’t wasted while you think of what to write about. Block out time once a quarter or half-yearly to brainstorm and schedule your topics ready to be written.
If you have a WordPress blog install WP Editorial Calendar so that you can schedule posts in advance.
Blog Post Template
The lovely Marissa has taught me to have a blog template to follow whenever writing a post. You can do the same. It helps to maintain consistency of voice in your posts and your readers can absorb your content more quickly (perfect for busy parents running from one thing to the next).
Batch Write
It’s far harder to build momentum than to sustain it so once you are on a roll with your writing don’t stop. Research says that when we are distracted or change tasks it takes twenty minutes to regain focus. I’ve lost forty minutes changing focus from this post already – don’t fall into the same trap.
You’re probably thinking ‘but I’m a parent. Of course I am distracted and constantly interrupted. I can barely remember what focus is any more.
Try to think outside the box. Can you pair up with another family and take turns minding the kids? Can you involve the kids in tasks such as cooking or cleaning so that once they are in bed you are free to blog rather than clean up after them?
Inspiration Folder
What inspires you? What caught your attention today as you were rushing around trying to cross all the tasks off your to-do list? Don’t worry if it wasn’t directly related to your blog niche. Whatever it was, keep a copy or sample in your inspiration folder. Cross-pollination from other niches can lead to the best results. Don’t have an inspiration folder? Create one now. You’ll thank yourself later.
Take Action
1. Decide how you will spend the extra time with your family. Imagine it in full colour detail. Got it?
2. Implement the tips above.
3. Share in the comments what you’ve implemented.
4. What are you waiting for? It’s family time. Go make some memories.

Caylie Price, owner of Better Business Better Life , is currently working her way around the interwebs with her 21 day Blogging For Growth tour. She is also co-author of How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge. Download the first chapter FREE to learn more.


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  1. Hi Marissa,
    Thank you for hosting me on Beautifully Organised! It's an honour to be in such lovely company between yourself and your readers.
    Enjoy the extra time with the girls!

  2. Loved your tips Caylie. Having small but practical systems to follow makes things so much easier. When I'm in the car, I often find inspiration flares up - BUT I AM DRIVING!! So I put my phone on Voice Memo and talk away.
    When I am writing and get stuck, I scroll through my list to see if there is anything applicable. More times than not, there is and it's easy to join the dots.
    I also try to stay ahead on work, so when I am needing to be somewhere for the kids, or just have my routine turned upside down - I now everything is covered and I can make up the time when the dust settles again.
    I always have a notebook in my bag, getting to the school pick up is rare, but when it happens - or I'm waiting for a client, I use that time to get ahead on writing.

    1. Hi Marina!
      Love the tips you've shared too! I'm a huge fan of voice recorders and notebooks (don't get me started on my love affair with notebooks!)
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Awesome post Caylie! Putting these tips into practice totally revolutionized my business. I have batch written posts until November and it makes it so much easier to focus on other aspects of my business (and the vacation I'm about to take)! I also use and LOVE the WP editorial calendar. Makes scheduling and organizing easy breezy!

  4. Blogging is SO much easier when I use an editorial calendar, keep a folder of ideas and write in batches. Awesome tips, Caylie. I don't use templates for my posts, but they are a good idea as well!

    1. Thanks Leanne! I could always tell you were one organised lady :-)

  5. These are great! I already use the editorial calendar and batch a few of my posts, but I hadn't considered creating a template.
    A tip that I started using that helped me with writing was a change in my perspective. I write A LOT now, making a large shift to writing a considerable amount helped me to take it more seriously, instead of something that I do "when I have time" I write for almost 3 hours a day. That is such a large chunk of what I do, I can't not do it! :)

    1. Definitely agree with changing perspective Viv! I was constantly struggling with writer's block until I let go of trying to be perfect first time, every time. Now I just get it out, then improve it best I can. Once I've done an edit it's time to let go and publish.

  6. at times i find myself "winging it" with my blog - strange since i'm extremely organized in the rest of my life. these are very helpful tips that i can implement right away, caylie - thank you! (i do keep something similar to an inspiration folder, and that has been very helpful.)

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  9. Those are good tips. Honestly, the interruptions can be a problem for moms and dads who work from home. Involving everyone in cleaning up helps. Making sure kids have productive days- physically and mentally-helps to ensure that they will not be underfoot during the last hours of the day.