Saturday, August 17, 2013

Win a $25 Howards Storage World Voucher

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Let's organise... your lounge room

Welcome to the August Neat & Tidy Challenge - this month's challenge is to organise your lounge room!

It's the most lived in part of the house for most of us, so you should enjoy spending time there and have it set up so it's easy to keep tidy - you'll love it :)

Here's your free worksheet:

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This month's worksheet has 2 pages:
  • Page 1 has all 4 zones filled out - if your lounge room is similar, just use this sheet and get started immediately
  • Page 2 has the same instructions, but the zones are left blank - if your room is different to mine, you can nominate each of your own 4 zones and work on them one by one
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I'd love for you all to share your before or after pics of your tidying so everyone in the challenge knows they're not the only one working on their lounge room :)
Everyone who uploads a photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #neatandtidychallenge gets an automatic entry for a chance to win the prize of the month! 

This month's prize:

WIN a $25 Howards Storage World voucher

So get those cameras & phones out and start snapping away at your Neat and Tidy efforts - I'll pick the one I'm most inspired by and will inform the winner on next month's newsletter :)

Congratulations to last month's winner..

I LOVED seeing the Neat & Tidy photos for July, and I'm so pleased to announce that Anna Woodward is the winner again! Anna has won a $25 SuperCheap Auto voucher!
Congratulations Anna! Here are my 3 favourite pictures of Anna's organising: 

  • Photo 1: Boot box containing torch, windscreen wipes, emergency blankets & leather wipes, spare clothes, jackets, activity packs and picnic kit
  • Photo 2: Purple plastic slip to store receipts and paperwork as they come into the car, chapsticks and pens for when the kids clothes need labelling on the spot (note from Marissa - I'm going to do this - I keep forgetting to label Sophie & Georgia's day care clothes!)
  • Photo 3: Simple parent note / permission slip template to fill out on the go for when the kids don't tell you something's on until they get to school (note from Marissa - I LOVE this too! Talk about finding a way to make life easier)
So take a leaf out of Anna's book and don't be shy - upload your own photo for the August challenge and be in it to win it! If you don't have Twitter or Instagram yet it takes only a minute to set up and is completely free - we'd all love to see your efforts!

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  1. Wow! It is a great offer Marissa. Organizing room with great offer and price awesome.

  2. I took a before photo, bought a new storage basket but it didn't help the toys that keep multiplying in my lounge room so didn't end up taking an after photo because you couldn't see any difference. Maybe I'll have more luck with the kitchen this month.