Monday, September 9, 2013

Beauty routine for busy mums

How much time do you spend on your beauty routine each week?

You know - make up, hair styling, skin treatments, hair removal, manicure, pedicure, pamper sessions - that kind of thing.

I’m a girly girl. I like doing my hair and make up. I LOVE beauty treatments for my face & body. I could soak in a bubble bath all day, with a face mask and hair treatment on, reading a magazine and letting time slip away..

And I LOVE how it makes me feel - confident, relaxed, and well taken care of. Don't we all need a bit more of that??

Yeah, sometimes, ‘Mum life’ can get in the way of your beauty routine:

Sometimes we get too busy and forget to do it
Or we're too tired and would rather use that precious time sleeping
Or we're just feeling lazy and can’t be bothered
Or we're not sure we can afford it
Or we feel guilty doing it when we could be doing something more productive

So, okay. Sometimes we can’t pamper and soak the whole day away each week, but we can still find ways to take care of ourselves and get that relaxed, confident feeling.

I have a simple 3 step system to staying on top of my beauty routine, and today I’m sharing it with you!

Step 1: Change the way you see it.

Taking care of yourself isn’t ‘nice to do’ - it’s ‘need to do’. Your wellbeing is important and needs to be a priority. For you AND for your family. If you don’t take care of YOU, how do expect to be able to handle all the busy-ness motherhood throws at you?

You take care of your car regularly, don’t you? Fill it with petrol every week, give it a wash, add water and oil and have it serviced regularly. If you don’t do these things, then your car will probably still run well… for a while. Then it will slowly start getting worn out and stop working well. It may even have a breakdown.

Sound familiar?

So change the way you see taking care of yourself and find time to look after yourself too - your body and your soul.

Step 2: Turn it into a simple, regular appointment with yourself.

Just like a hairdresser appointment -if you book it in regularly, it’s more likely to happen. And if you keep it simple, it won’t be overwhelming and you’ll remember how much you enjoy it.

Want an example? Here’s my current weekly beauty routine:

Monday: Exfoliate body (in shower)
Tuesday: DIY manicure (after shower)
Wednesday: Pedicure and eyebrow maintenance (after shower)
Thursday: Exfoliate face (in shower)
Friday: Hair Treatment (in or after shower)
Saturday: Face Mask (masque?) and Eye Treatment (after shower)
Sunday: Hair removal (in shower)

As you can see, all of the above are completed during or after a shower.

Why? For me, it's the best time. The family already expects me to be unavailable for a while, so an extra 10 minutes doesn't make a big difference to them..

Plus, after (or in) the shower I am warm and relaxed, and my skin, hair etc is in perfect beautifying condition!

I'm not a huge fan of multi tasking these days - but in this case, it works beautifully for me :)

Step 3: Hone your quick hair & make up skills.

Find an every day make up look that works for you, and practice it. When I first went back to wearing make up (almost) daily, it took me 20 minutes to put it on - who has time for that?!?! 

Cut to a few months later and It takes only 7 minutes for the exact same make up look - bb cream, powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, mascara and coloured lip balm. Much better timing, and all it took was practice.

And my hair? I have 2 go to styles and both user super quick and easy methods:
Both in under 10 mins and my hair looks perfect (I know how that sounds, but I'm sticking to it - it's like people think I have naturally great hair, and I swear, I don't. So I love these methods)

So over to you - do you have a regular beauty routine? If not, what steps can you take this week to carve out some relaxing, pampering time for yourself?

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