Beautifully Organised: 5 products that make life with a baby MUCH Easier

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 products that make life with a baby MUCH Easier

When you're pregnant with your first baby everyone has advice about what kind of baby products you need.

Cot, change table, baby clothes, monitor - there's so much to think about and there's a LOT of good info out there about what you really need when you have your first baby.

But today I want to share with you 5 things that I didn't necessarily need, but made my life much easier when I had my first baby ;)

These items aren't necessary but they sure made a big difference to me at a time when I was overwhelmed with motherhood! Here's what my favourite Make Life Easy baby products were and why I loved them so much:

Trolley Cover

My Sophie was always a 'chew-on-the-trolly-bar' baby so this was fantastic for us. I would pop her in it when we went grocery shopping and she was nice and comfy for the whole trip. It even has room for a couple of toys :)

Mummy Hook

Speaking of grocery shopping - until I found this hook I hated doing it! 

My nappy bag was too heavy to keep on my shoulder and if I put it in the trolley it took up more than half the space - so when I found this hook it was the perfect answer. 

I just hooked it over the trolley bar, then hooked my nappy bag handles onto it and the bag dangled just in front of me while I pushed the trolley. 

It didn't get in the way of the baby and I could just reach down and grab whatever I needed as we shopped - the baby's drink bottle, my grocery list and wallet at the checkout. Easy!

A Non-Frumpy Nappy Bag

Don't get me wrong - there are a lot of cute nappy bags out there. But I didn't want a cute one to go with my cute baby, I wanted a beautiful, grown up one to go with me!

I have the Doctor bag from Vanchi

It's the perfect size for a nappy bag and after 2 years of daily use, it still looks brand new! Plus it's GORGEOUS and will easily pass as a large handbag when I don't need to carry nappies anymore :)

If you don't want a big bag, try the Skip Hop pronto baby changer - it's more of a clutch purse than a nappy bag. You can pop it on your wrist, clip it to your pram or put it in your handbag:

My babies loved being swaddled… for about 3 months. 

Then they would get out of their swaddle, kick off the covers and cry when they got cold. When my lovely friend Fi showed me the Grobag Travel Sleeping bag, it was perfect. 

My girls could have their arms out but were cosy inside the sleeping bag and there was no chance of kicking it off. 

But my favourite part? The fact that I could transfer them while they were sleeping from the car seat to the cot. I have this to thank for many a good night's sleep :)

Gina Ford's New Contented Little Baby Book

You know how your parents used to say "babies don't come with an instruction manual"? 

Well, this is the best baby instruction manual I have ever come across. 

I like structure, I like How To's, I like step by step methods. It's just my nature. 

Every step of this book worked for us with both Sophie and Georgia. When we followed the routines in it both of our girls ate well, played well, and slept well.This increased my confidence as a mother and showed me there was nothing going on I couldn't handle. 

Not every parent loves routine and structure, and not every parent will love this book. But I do, and it made life as a new mum SO much easier. So if you or your partner is a 'How To', structured person as well, this book is for you.

So those are my top 5 'Make Life Easy With Baby' products! 

What are yours?

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