Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tips for making Christmas Card writing easy with the kids!

We're getting into the Holiday season at our house :)

Christmas cards are lovely but sometimes they're hard to get done, especially when the kids want to help out - everything seems to get more complicated, a lot messier and takes a looooong time..

But it's definitely worth it, it's a great activity to all do together as a family. The trick is to find a way to get those cards written AND have fun doing it!

So today I'm sharing my quick tips on making Christmas card writing with the kids much easier… along with special guests Sophie and Georgia:

Don't forget to comment below and share your own Easy Christmas tips!

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Nothing sponsored in this video - and we bought everything mentioned with out own money.


  1. You girls are all so adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. :)


  2. Oh Marissa! Your daughters are just the sweetest little things - melts my heart <3

    I find Christmas card writing stressful - but really they're more meaningful if they come from the kids too :) I LOVE your idea about writing them assembly line style - that's totally do-able and I think would be a time saver as it becomes a family activity. Love the tip too about an X for stamp placement :)

    Thanks for your tips Marissa! Merry Christmas!!