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Monday, February 24, 2014

Get your free Meal Planner

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If you like the idea of meal planning but have always found it too complicated and time consuming, my most popular Meal Planner is perfect for you.

It's the 'Easy Dinners Meal Planner' - a one page chart with spaces to fill in for each day of the week. 

There's a blank spot for a theme (e.g. pasta, meat & veg, slow cook meals, etc) and a meal under each day.
Easy Dinners Meal Planner

Your mission is to sit down once a week and plan out a week's worth of dinners. Try picking your theme for each night first - then go back and fill in a 
meal that suits each theme.

Here's an example from my house:

Inline image 1

To make it even easier in the long run, keep the same themes each week and just add new meals to suit each theme. 

You can even tailor each theme to suit the type of day you have planned:

  • If you're usually out on a Monday afternoon, make Monday slow cook night and put dinner on before you leave the house in the morning
  • Big day on Thursday? Plan a 'simple dinner' night and do a quick stir fry, salad, or a toasted sandwich
  • Love trying new recipes but never have time to do it? Plan 'new recipe' night for Saturday night when the whole family is home together and no one has to rush off

Why this works: The themes are the key to making meal planning quick and easy, so you're not spending hours trying to come up with ideas and it fits easily with your lifestyle.

Once you make it a habit, planning your meals only takes a few minutes each week and saves you time every single day. You're prepared - you know what you'l be eating and how long it will take to get it on the table, and there's no more stressful, last minute rush around the shops with no idea of what to cook.

Plus, the beauty of meal planning is that it only takes a couple of weeks to get really good at it!

Handy Hints: 
  • Ask everyone in your family to tell you their 3 favourite dinners (ask the kids too!), write them all on a separate page and you have a list of ideas ready to go that can fill any gaps in your meal plan 
  • Save each week's meal plan in a folder as you go and over time you'll have built up a master list of dinner ideas
  • No time to write your shopping list out? Grab your phone and take a photo of each recipe, then read the ingredients from that when you're at the shops
Let's get meal planning! Good luck - and remember if you have any questions, send me a quick email and I'll help you out.

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