Beautifully Organised: 5 ways to use up your Easter Egg chocolate

Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 ways to use up your Easter Egg chocolate

Sophie, Georgia and I at the girls' Easter Hat Parade

Happy Easter! I hope your Easter is as wonderful as mine - lots of fun, family and food!

If you've got millions of leftover chocolate Easter eggs at your house and just want it all to disappear, these recipes will help - I did a bit of searching for you and found 5 great recipes that will use up your leftover Easter Egg chocolate!

Cook these with the kids if you like, to keep them busy while they're on school holidays... or wait until they're in bed if you think they'll freak out at you using their Easter eggs ;)

(using Red Tulip caramel filled eggs)

(using Cadbury Caramello eggs)

Chocolate Bunny Brownies from Retromummy

Easter Egg chocolate chip cookies from Tomato Tales

Easy chocolate soufflé from Go Eat Give

That'll clear out your pantry for you!

 photo msigtrans.png

P.S. If you've got a heap of leftover hard boiled eggs too, check out these recipe ideas on my Easter Pinterest board!

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  1. Oh they look delicious Marissa, unfortunately there is rarely an egg left over in our house by ten o'clock. I then make sure my kids have loads of water and fruit for the rest of the day and run them ragged so we don't have the 3pm sugar slump grumpies ;) Happy Easter :)

    1. Lots of water and fruit is a great idea Marina - balances it out! xx