Beautifully Organised: The real reason most Meal Planning efforts FAIL..

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The real reason most Meal Planning efforts FAIL..

You know what it's like.

You see a great example of a weekly meal plan on the internet and think, I'd love to get our meals organised just like that!

So you buy a beautiful planner, gather all of your cookbooks, sit down and start planning. Everything goes really well.... for about 2 weeks.

Then all of a sudden the great idea that was meal planning starts to be more annoying than helpful. It takes AGES to think of ideas and find recipes. It's hard to find time to sit down and plan - you've already got so much to do every day! 

So you skip a week. It's not so bad... yeah you got caught out a couple of times, had to dash to the shops at the last minute and eat at later than usual. Had a couple more take aways than you normally do, or eggs on toast a couple of times.

But over the next few weeks then you realise these days are getting more frequent again - more days where you get to 4pm and haven't figured out what you'll be serving up for dinner that night. More days when the kids are going through witching hour, cranky and clingy from hunger. More days spending money on take away when you'd rather be saving for something more important.

And all of a sudden, you're right back where you started.

You feel like a failure and wonder why something relatively simple like deciding what to have for dinner has become such a headache!

Well I'm here to say don't feel that way. Meal planning isn't something you're not good at. It's not an indication of how organised you are. Really.

I share a lot of tips and techniques in my meal planning workshop that will make meal planning easier for you. But there's one factor that's SO much more important than everything else.

Want to know the real reason most Meal Planning efforts fail?

The answer might surprise you. 

It's simply because you're not enjoying it.

  • If you don't ENJOY the process, you won't make time to do it.

  • If you don't make time to do it, you won't do it regularly.

  • If you don't do it regularly, it won't become a habit.

  • If it's not a habit, it doesn't become a natural part of your weekly rhythm.

Wouldn't you love for it to be a natural part of the rhythm of your week?


So, how DO you make meal planning fun?

Well, let's start with how to get ideas your meals.

This will vary depending on you - your enjoyment of cooking, your past experience meal planning, the resources you have available, etc. So the easiest way to make meal planning fun for YOU is to sit down and brainstorm all the ways you could make it more enjoyable. 

Just grab a piece of paper and write down anything you think of - even if it seems silly (silly is often fun!).

Here's what I could come up with in 5 minutes, just off the top of my head:

There may be an idea or two in there that would be fun for you - try them if you like! But I'd also love you to try this challenge for yourself - grab your pen and paper, set your timer for 5 minutes, and see what you can come up with to make meal planning more fun for YOU!

So that's how to get started with ideas for meals! Over the next few weeks we'll cover the best tools & resources for meal planning, and even some sneaky ways to get out of meal planning all together and still have meals on the table easily every night.

(If you're in a hurry to get to those topics, just join me at the workshop and you'll get it all in one go!)

Happy Meal Planning!

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