Beautifully Organised: My 'GO BAG' and how I use it

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My 'GO BAG' and how I use it

Ever had one of those days where you have SO much to do but you're feeling really organised and have figured out a way to get everything done, in a particular order that saves you lots of running around...

... and then you realise you've left a couple of REALLY IMPORTANT things at home, just because you forgot to put them in the car on your way out?

Now you have 2 choices:

a) Drive all the way home again and get the forgotten items, putting you back about an hour on your plan for the day, or

b) Leave out those important tasks today and try to find time to do them later in the week.

Neither of these options is fun, and you're left feeling grumpy for the rest of the morning :(

Yep, that used to happen to me ALL THE TIME.

So now I use this simple trick to make sure I never forget an item (I think I picked it up from the Paper Flow book by lovely MaryAnne Bennie):

The bag in the picture above is my 'Go' bag - it hangs on the door knob and as I get ready I fill it with things I need to take with me when I leave the house - paperwork, packages to post, etc. Then I grab it on the way out - it's on the door so there's no way I'll forget it!

Sometimes I even hang it and start filling it the night before, as that's normally when all of the "Oh I have to do this tomorrow" ideas come into my head :)

MUCH better.

And the fact that it's a separate bag, not my handbag, means I don't miss an item as I go through my errands - when the bag's empty, I'm done! Easy.

So if you've ever been in the same situation, give this a try and let me know if it helps!

x Marissa

Credits: There's an affiliate link in this post for the Paper Flow book. If I earn any cash from your click, I'll probably use it to go to the movies ;)

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