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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mumpreneurs: Why you still need physical business cards

I just ordered some new business cards and when I told a friend about it, her answer was "Why? You work mainly online, and people can just Google you.."

That's a good question! We live and work in a digital age now, why would anyone use a business card anymore?

You might be surprised at how handy they are, whether you use them for your business, your blog, or just your everyday life! Here are a few ways they can make your life easier:

For Your Business or Blog: Don't just hand them out at networking events (where people tend to not look at them anyway because they're too busy handing out their own cards), get creative and make them useful! Try these ideas:

  • Use them as bookmarks in library books and leave them in when you return them
  • Use them as price tags at your market stall and drop the card into your customer's shopping bag when they buy your product
  • Draw 5 circles on the back, number them, and give them out as loyalty cards (e.g. come to 4 personal training sessions and get the 5th one free)
  • If you're talking to someone and they mention something you can help them with, jot a few words about it on the back of your card, give it to them and tell them you'll give them a call and walk them through it for free (don't forget to ask for their number too). It's a great way to get new clients
  • Write your thank you notes on the back of them
  • Use it as a name tag at networking events
  • Add a link to a freebie on the back of your card so people go to your website to get your free offer
  • Do a good deed for someone and leave a note (on your card) letting them know what you did - e.g. Stick a few dollars on your card and tape it to a parking meter)

In everyday life: Those little cards can save you time, stress and awkward moments ;) 
  • In a rush and have to fill your contact details onto a form? Just staple your card to it - it's got all your info on it and it's easier to read than rushed, sloppy handwriting
  • Do people always struggle to spell your name when they hear it? Show it to them instead on your card
  • Put one in your kid's pocket if you go to a fete, concert, show, or anywhere else you might get separated and tell them if they lose you they're to find another Mum, give her the card and ask her to call you - got this idea from a friend and I love how simple and effective it is!
  • Drop one in the business card fishbowl at your local cafe and go into the draw to win whatever they're giving away
  • Hand them out to cute strangers and give them the "call me" motion when they look up - JUST KIDDING. Don't do that. It's creepy.

You can design and order your own business cards online - I did these myself on the MOO website and it only took 10 minutes (VERY user friendly!)

Want your own cards for FREE? 

MOO is letting me give away 3 vouchers worth £50 (which equals around AU $90) for The voucher can be used to purchase anything on the website, including delivery.

To enter, just comment below and tell me how YOU would use your MOO cards (or anything else on their website)!

I'll pick the winner based on their answer and announce the winner here on the blog on June 5!

Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I received product for review purposes, loved what Moo had to offer and decided to share it with you!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions: 

The name of the promotion is: MOO Print competition
The promoter is Beautifully Organised in conjunction with MOO
The conditions of entry are: answer the question provided, one entry per person, contact details must be provided with your comment or emailed to 
Employees, immediate family members, retailers, suppliers, associated companies and agencies are not eligible to enter.
The giveaway will close on May 31, 2014 at midnight (Sydney time). Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
This is a game of skill. The winner will be awarded based on the strength of their answer to the question "How would you use your MOO cards or other Moo products?".
The prize will be in the form of product which will be sent to the winner once address details have been provided after the competition has closed.
The results of the giveaway will be published on this site on June 5, 2014 
Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable
The total prize value 

The competition is open to Australian residents only.
If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control the agreed prize is not available a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.

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  1. I would use the Moo Postcards to share a favourite recipe and blog details to hand out to people I meet.

  2. Hi! Many wouldn't expect a Yoga Instructor to have a snazzy looking biz card, but I do, and it makes me feel very professional! Love all the uses you listed - how about using your biz card as a quick and easy luggage tag - just slip into the sleeve and go!

  3. I love the Minicards, they are so cute. My husband is a Celebrant, I think these are the perfect size for bookmarks, especially useful to use in all those bridal magazines when looking for that perfect dress. They would be great to give out ten or so to new clients, they can use them, hand some out to friends (hopefully more new clients), and they would always have one lying around if they need his details! Love the moo site and your ideas above, will be trying them out.


  4. Am really into gratitude moments right now .... so these would be great to write little 'positive glowing happy' notes on the back and to give to people.... friends and family, even random strangers or the sales assistant in the shops that you love. How nice is it to see and read special words about yourself.

  5. Speech Pathologists are in heavy need, business cards would help me succeed, putting forward a professional face, to let Mums' know how to touch base.

  6. Love designs! Make your business card even more valuable by having a 10% off discount coupon code for your services on the back on them. People will then hold onto them for a little bit longer just in case!!!

  7. I'm about to rebrand, so want to get the word out about my new brand, I'd love to have some cards to give out when I meet new mums. I love the fact that allow you to do a few different designs. I'd put something inspiring on the back, but have a few different versions, so I can really target the message to who I'm giving them too!

  8. Thanks everyone for your entries and fantastic ideas :)

    Congratulations to:

    * Bronni Page for your quick & easy luggage tag idea
    * Suzanne Call for your positive, glowing, happy notes idea
    * Ockerbla for your 10% off discount code on the back idea

    You've all won a voucher for and I'll be in touch with your voucher details!

    Another giveaway is coming in July - make sure you're on the Beautifully Organised email list to hear about it first!

    x Marissa