Beautifully Organised: How to clean your oven easily without chemicals

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to clean your oven easily without chemicals

"I HATE cleaning my oven".

I hear you - oven cleaning was certainly not at the top of my "Things I love to do" list either!

It took forever to do, I hated being on my knees scrubbing for ages and the smell of my oven cleaner was really bad - and probably really dangerous for my health, considering how long I had my head in the oven!

Then I had kids and it got even more difficult - trying to scrub while keeping two curious toddlers away from it all was impossible. Trying to clean at nap time wasn't great either - I'd get it all set up ready to start and then someone would wake up, the phone would ring or there would be a knock at the door and my oven cleaning window was gone!

So I'd put off cleaning my oven... for ages... and then it would be even harder to clean! Baked on grease and grime anyone?

If any of that is familiar to you, watch this week's video below because I'm going to show you how I now clean my oven. It's easy, there are no chemicals and the very first step means I can enjoy the first half hour of the whole job!

Click on the video below to see how I clean my oven easily.

Now my trick to cleaning without chemicals is to use Enjo cleaning cloths and gloves. Apart from that you'll only need water - easy!

Step 1: Prep your oven.

This is my favourite part of the job! Start with an empty, cool oven. Then boil your kettle, pour the hot water into an oven safe dish, put the dish in the oven and shut the door.

Now go play with the kids for a half hour. Or have lunch. Or do whatever you want, really!

While you're doing that, the steam from the dish will be working it's way through the oven, loosening the baked on grime that's accumulated there over time.

Step 2: Clean racks and oven trays.

Ok, your half hour is over - come back to the oven.

Clear one of your kitchen counter tops and lay out two clean tea towels. Open your oven door, take out the oven racks and trays that go with them, and put them on your tea towels.

Separate the racks from the trays, and go at them one by one with your damp Enjo cloth or glove. I use a kitchen mini plus for this - it has an tough side for removing baked on grime and a regular
side for simpler cleaning. 

You can also get the oven glove for this job - same materials on each side, but it covers your whole hand. No broken nails!

Step 3: Clean the inside of your oven.

Now that the racks and trays are done, this part is pretty easy. You have all this open space to work with and all you have to do is rub the surfaces over in circular motions with your kitchen glove. You'll notice the baked on stuff will come off layer by layer so give those spots a few goes with the tough side of the kitchen glove first, then switch over to the regular side.

Note: The oven glove is perfect for this job too - it has the light cleaning side and the more abrasive side for tougher spots just like the kitchen mini plus

Step 4: Buff dry

Use the kitchen miracle cloth to buff the inside of your oven - it leaves it completely dry and streak free and means you can cook again straight away if you need to. Or just give yourself the night off and have salad or sandwiches ;)

And that's it! You're done. Go have a bubble bath as a reward :)

If you haven't got any Enjo cloths or gloves already and you're wondering what to get, start with the kitchen pack. It has everything you need for oven cleaning (and rest-of-the-kitchen cleaning). But if you have an Enjo or two already, have a look through the Kitchen Care section of the site - you might only need one or two things and you're ready to go!

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Credits: Thanks to ENJO for partnering with me for this post!
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  1. Perfect and so easily explained. Makes me want to go do it straight away! Thanks for helping to make my life more simple.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I can't believe how much more enjoyable the job is now :)

  2. That is awesome. Than you...Though i was lucky enough that mum cleaned mine just before my baby was born. Do you or have you added vinegar to the water. Apparently that can help lift off the grime too and then give a spray of lemon juice/ water at the end for a fresh fragrant finish....I think i heard the infamous Shannon Lush give that tip...

    1. You're welcome Elisha!

      I've heard vinegar or lemon juice work well but haven't had to use either when I use Enjo cloths - the steam does all the he

  3. I really needed a hand and you helped me a lot. Thank you so much you're awesome! <3

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