Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Survival Tips for Mums!

Do you LOVE Halloween?

Or do you wish it wasn't celebrated in your neighbourhood?

Australians don't traditionally celebrate Halloween, but it's becoming more and more popular to do so these days.

Me? Personally, I love it! It's cute watching the kids get dressed up and knock on our door for treats. We have lollies ready just in case they come to our house and my girls love handing them out.

We don't trick or treat ourselves though, as there aren't many Halloween friendly houses in our area. So instead this year the kids are having a few school friends over for a bit of a Spooktacular afternoon including dress ups, treats and a couple of games ;)

No matter what you're planning this Halloween, it's likely your children will want to do something! So in case you don't love it as much as I do, or you need some ideas on what to do if you can't trick or treat either - I've got some Halloween survival tips for you!

Here are the top 3 problems I hear from parents about Halloween and how we handle them in our family..

Problem #1: I'm not sure whether my neighbours will welcome my kids trick or treating - I'm worried they'll get someone cranky opening the door!

Solution: The easiest way to handle this is to only knock on the doors of homes with Halloween decorations. If they've decorated, they're trick or treat friendly. Stick to this guideline and you'll have less grumpy people ;)

Problem #2: I don't know what to do if we run out of treats to give! 

Solution: No worries - I have a free print for you that will take care of it! Just put up one of these signs for when you run out of treats... or if you don't have any in the first place ;)
Download your free print
get your free copy

get your free copy

get your free copy

Want one for your house? Click here to have all 4 prints sent to your email inbox for free!
Problem #3: We have cheeky kids in our area who don’t even dress up - they just knock on the door holding a plastic bag and expect lollies! 

Solution: At our house, cheeky kids who trick or treat without bothering to dress up get an orange with a pumpkin face drawn on it for their 'treat'!

Not trick or treating? Here are some other great ideas for Halloween fun!

  • Spooky Jokes: Turn off the lights, get out your torches and tell spooky or silly Halloween jokes! We love these ones :)

  • Ghost bowling: grab 6 rolls of (clean!) toilet paper and use a black marker to draw ghostly faces on them. Stack them up and take turns bowling them over with a (real or plastic) pumpkin! Check out this post from Marquis at Simply Clarke for more details

  • Halloween musical statues: Have a look through Spotify for your favourite Halloween themed but kid friendly songs like the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, Purple People Eater, etc. I quite like this one!

  • Spooky Shows: Get out the pillows and blankets, cuddle up and watch a spooky movie or Halloween themed kids show - try any Scooby Doo, or Monster High or even Pumpkin Face by the Wiggles for the little ones

  • Don’t feel like TV? Read a spooky (but not scary if it’s nearly bedtime!) book together instead! There are lots of great Halloween books out there in shops or libraries at the moment..

  • Simple Craft: Grab a few pieces of orange paper, cut them out into a pumpkin shape and have the kids draw faces on them with black textas - Easy!

So those are my favourite Halloween survival tips for mothers - what are yours?

x Marissa

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