Beautifully Organised: New energy changes that will make your life easier

Friday, December 19, 2014

New energy changes that will make your life easier

A sponsored post for Origin Energy

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Anyone else a bit scared of opening their energy bill every quarter?

I know, I know, I couldn’t live without it, but to be honest, our energy bill has always been a bit of a stress point for me.


  • I don’t love paying for it: Every 3 months the size of the bill shocks me! Then I pay it and forget about it until I’m shocked again 3 months later. I’d rather spend that money on organising and storage stuff ;)

  • The companies are too aggressive: I feel like all providers are the same and I’ll be just as stressed with whoever we go with. And whenever an ‘energy representative’ knocks on my door without warning trying to get me to sign up with them, it just feels really awkward and uncomfortable - I don’t want to make a rash decision on who I’m with but I also don’t want to make the stranger at my home angry at me if it’s just me at home with the kids. Not a big fan of cold calls on the phone either.

  • It’s hard to ask for help: My kids are 3 and 5 - so whenever I try to make a phone call it’s chaos in our house. Life would be much easier if I could make calls for assistance when the kids are in bed so I can concentrate on something this important.

  • I find it hard to understand the bill: So much jargon and I can’t remember whether I’ve spent more or less each quarter
  • I don’t know if I’m using our energy wisely: Air con on all day at a set temperature? Or just turn it on and off when it’s unbearably hot??

Yeah, it’s a bit of a stress point.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Origin Energy got in touch a few months ago to help me out on Twitter with a few energy do’s and don’ts - it made a big difference and I blogged about it here.

In October they got in touch again and asked if I like to come down to their Sydney office to learn about some positive changes they’re making for their customers. I was intrigued, and I love a day trip to Sydney so I headed down to spend the day with them and a few other lovely bloggers.

It was a great day and I learnt a lot about Green Energy options and some great energy saving tips, but what impressed me most was how Origin are changing the way they do business with their customers by listening to their complaints (which are very similar to mine):

Change #1: Flexible payment options. You can choose to have your payments made monthly, fortnightly or weekly and not get bill shock every quarter anymore.

Change #2: No more cold calling or uninvited door knocking at home. I was thrilled to hear this. No more unwanted & awkward conversations at the door or on the phone while I'm at home trying to juggle the kids = a much happier Mum.

Change #3: Longer call centre hours. 7am - 9pm weekdays now. Much more convenient.

Change #4: No Residential Exit Fees. I didn’t even know this was a thing! But I’m glad to see it - no one should have to pay to leave a company if their needs change.

Plus Origin has this awesome website called Energy Explorer that gives energy info and tips that are easy to understand - like this page that shows you exactly how to read your electricity bill.

You can see more on how Origin Energy is changing here.

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